Goal Area 7: Infrastructure

Goal 1: Create and research capital improvements for the Carmel campus

  • To enhance the mission and student experience at Carmel Catholic
  • Objectives
    • Reduce Carmel Catholic’s carbon footprint by researching and implementing alternative sources of energy.
    • Increase LED lighting within the building
    • Research options for alternative energy-related to solar energy
    • Explore on-campus housing options related to International and other student populations
    • Research possibilities for on-campus housing for International students
    • Open on-campus housing for other student populations which geographic distance is a barrier for attendance to Carmel
    • Create a new, formal student union

Goal 2: Explore opportunities to create a program which would expand the Catholic high

school student experience for students with special needs.

  • To invite a broader base of students to experience a Carmel Catholic education.
  • Align with Brand and Enrollment, Catholic Identity, Advancement, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Objectives:
    • Offer the option of a certificate program