Goal Area 6: Brand and Enrollment

Goal 1: Increase brand awareness

  • To elevate the value of Carmel as a distinct choice for prospective families.
  • Align with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Academics
  • Objectives
    • Research current brand awareness among various constituent groups.
    • Strengthen brand communication among faculty, staff, and administration.
    • Create a monthly communication dashboard to track digital marketing and traditional marketing metrics.
    • Create traditional media benchmark metrics to measure brand communication reach.
    • Research, create and implement email and social media brand standards across channels.
    • Expand Marketing/Communications operations, social media engagement staffing.

Goal 2: Develop a strategic lifecycle engagement plan for Carmel families.

  • To increase recruitment and retention through sustained meaningful connection.
  • Align with Advancement
  • Objectives
    • Create a formal, cross-departmental, retention plan.
    • Communicate it within the Carmel Community.
    • Recruit more Carmel constituents into the role of Ambassador.
    • Engage ambassador groups at every stage of the lifecycle tailoring outreach to recruit, retain and sustain relationships.
    • Create engagement plans for each ambassador/audience connection.

Goal 3: Expand channels of entry to Carmel

  • Intention: To open recruitment opportunities for increased enrollment.
  • Align with Student Life
  • Objectives
    • Utilize and formalize Fine Arts, Athletics, and Faith Development Partnerships as recruitment tools.
    • Utilize and formalize Summer School and Summer Athletic Camps and Clubs and Activities as recruitment tools.
    • Identify and establish new channels of interest for the purpose of student recruitment.