Drug Testing

Carmel Catholic is committed to fostering a safe, positive, and empowered student culture. We encourage students to actively promote the Carmel values of Community, Academics, Reverence, Mission, Enthusiasm, and Leadership. The use of drugs and alcohol conflicts with these attempts to shape a healthy student culture. For this reason, school policy states that Carmel Catholic students are to refrain from using or possessing illegal drugs, substances, or alcohol. The use and possession of illegal drugs and alcohol while at school or school-related events is especially prohibited.

To help ensure a drug-free environment for students, Carmel Catholic has adopted a therapeutic and mandatory drug testing policy for all students, which began during the 2019-2020 school year and reinforces the larger efforts of the Student Wellness plan. The goal of this program is to encourage students to make positive choices and to avoid drugs and alcohol. Random drug testing will also help to counter negative peer pressure and will identify students in need of therapeutic intervention. 

Carmel Catholic remains committed to working with parents and students to empower positive choices that best allow students to thrive. Incentivizing healthy choices in regards to drugs and alcohol through a drug-testing program develops a partnership with families that encourages a healthy and drug-free environment.