Sports Performance

Fitness Center Provides Student-Athletes with Top-Notch Training Environment

Our 12,000 sq. ft Carmel Catholic Fitness Center provides Corsairs with superior cardio and weight training equipment in a collegiate-like setting. Adjacent to the Salvi Arena, all Carmel students and athletic teams benefit from this new addition to our campus.

Corsairs Partner with Illinois Bone and Joint Institute


hpiThe Illinois Bone and Joint Institute (IBJI)'s Health Performance Institute (HPI) provides world-class training for our student-athletes. HPI tailors its science and evidence programming towards athletes’ needs and goals — focusing on strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.


Sports performance training is a product of sports medicine that focuses on improving an athlete’s ability to excel at their respective sport. This form of training targets sport-specific skills as well as explosive movements, reaction time, speed and agility.


As Carmel Catholic's Official Sports Medicine Partner, HPI provides all Corsair athletics teams with 2-3 certified strength coaches. Certified strength coaches provided by HPI have accredited personal training certifications.

To learn more about IBJI Health Performance Institute, visit their website at, or contact Cory Leman, General Manager, IBJI Health Performance Institute, at [email protected].