Uniform Dress Code

Carmel Catholic students are expected to be in full dress code during the entire school day. Students demonstrate the values of Community, Reverence, and Enthusiasm when complying with the Carmel Catholic High School Uniform Dress Code:

  • Our uniform is a living symbol of our unity in this Carmel Catholic Community, therefore it is important that we wear it with intention and care.

  • Reverence for our own personal dignity motivates us to present ourselves in the best possible way. The way we wear our uniform reflects this dignity.

  • Embracing the Carmel Catholic uniform as an opportunity to demonstrate pride in your school and community makes the value of Enthusiasm come to life.


Parents should periodically check the fit and condition of their student(s) uniform, and facilitate replacements as needed. For tall students, please call customer service if an additional fabric panel is needed for skirts. Order from Lands’ End by phone (1-800-469-2222) or the CCHS Land's End Ordering Website. If you need to speak to a Specialty Shopper, call 1-800-200-6212 for help in determining the correct size. Call 1-800-388-3677 if a custom size needs to be ordered.

These numbers must be used when placing an order:

  • The Carmel Catholic High School Preferred School number is: 9000-7492-3.
  • The logo number for uniform tops is: 0241978K
  • The logo number for skirts is: 0415432K

You can also see Mrs. Pucci in the bookstore to inquire about the selection in the Carmel Catholic Uniform Resale Shop. Please donate your retired uniform items to the Carmel Catholic Bookstore.



  1. Carmel standard Lands End polo or oxford worn tucked in all the way around. A solid color long or short sleeved t-shirt may be worn underneath.

  2. The only acceptable dress code items for warmth are Carmel standard Lands End sweaters, fleece, or crew-neck sweatshirts. Uniform shirts must be worn with a visible collar and be tucked in underneath an outer layer.

  3. Carmel Lands End hoodies are no longer acceptable.

  4. Tops must cover the midriff and undergarments at all times.

  5. Non-uniform outerwear including sweatshirts, hoodies, team/club attire is not part of the regular dress code

  6. A long Lands End Carmel cardigan sweater with Carmel logo will be available to be worn with pants.


  1. Students may wear only traditional classic cut or relaxed fit chinos, often referred to as khaki or “Dockers-style” with flat or pleated fronts. Lands End pants are acceptable, but not required.

  2. Skinny pants, jeans, dyed denim, leggings, cargo pants, and capris are not permitted.  

  3. Acceptable colors include black, navy, grey and khaki/tan.

  4. Pants must be worn at the waist and must extend to the ankles.

  5. Pants must cover the midriff and undergarments at all times.

  6. Pants must have at least one inch of drape from mid-thigh to knee.

  7. Pants do not need to contain the Carmel “C” logo.

Female Student Uniform Option: Lands End Skirts

  1. Skirts must be within two inches of the top of the kneecap in front and within two inches of the crease behind the knee in the back.  Some students may need to select skirts that fit closer to the knee in front so that the back of the skirt meets the length guidelines.

  2. Skirts may not be rolled at the waist.

  3. Skirts must be from Lands End and contain the Carmel “C” logo stitched by Lands End.

  4. Lands End Carmel polo or oxford shirts must be tucked into the skirt all the way around.


  1. Dress shoes and athletic shoes are acceptable.

  2. Shoes must be closed toed and closed heeled.

  3. Socks must be worn.

  4. Flip flops, crocs, slippers, and high heels are not permitted during the school day.

  5. Any shoes/boots deemed inappropriate, unsafe, or extreme by the deans are not permitted. Pants may not be tucked into shoes/boots.

Questions may be directed to Ms. Laskonis, Dean of Students, dlaskonis@carmelhs.org.