Goal Area 1: Academics

Goal 1: Develop and begin implementation of a plan to academically differentiate Carmel Catholic from public high schools.

  • Objective 1.1. Create a process for exploring and suggesting other additions to the curriculum on an ongoing basis and report to the CCHS president.
  • Objective 1.2. Explore an experiential education with the surrounding community and provide a report to the CCHS president.
  • Objective 1.3. Develop a plan for creation of a capstone program for seniors and report to the CCHS president for implementation.
  • Objective 1.4. If included in the buildings and grounds master plan: Develop a plan for the creation of science hands-on learning opportunities on campus.
  • Objective 1.5. Launch incubator program.
  • Objective 1.6. Create dual credit courses and expand into zero hour classes.
  • Objective 1.7. Expand the STEM Program and evaluate annually.
  • Objective 1.8. Begin application process to establish an International Baccalaureate Program at Carmel.
  • Objective 1.9. Re-institute driver’s education classes.
  • Objective 1.10. Create an ACT/SAT program built within the curriculum.
  • Objective 1.11. Increase exposure of academic program through national recognition programs on an ongoing basis.
  • Objective 1.12. Review and revise the school schedule to better accommodate academic and student life programs and electives for implementation.
  • Objective 1.13. Research and recommend an academic program for International Student Enrollment Academics.
  • Objective 1.14. Create a system to establish a foundation for studying, test taking, organizing, note taking, and learning style for our students.

Goal 2: Develop and maintain a professional development program for faculty and administrative staff.

  • Objective 2.1. Establish a professional development program that is transparent, unbiased, and supportive for all faculty and staff to be implemented and updated annually.

Goal 3: Strengthen academic support programs.

  • Objective 3.1. Develop and present a written plan for Serna.
  • Objective 3.2. Develop and present a four-year written plan for School Counseling.
  • Objective 3.3. Develop and present a written plan for College Counseling. 

Goal 4: Implement growth initiatives as outlines in the AdvancED Accreditation reports.

  • Objective 4.1. Develop and implement strategies in accordance with AdvancEd accreditation report.