Strategic Plan 2016-2020


Strategic Planning Leadership

Carmel Catholic’s Long-Range Planning Committee became the Strategic Planning Committee. This sixteen-member group supervised the strategic planning process, providing input into the areas for research and identifying strategic planning goals. Seven subcommittees reviewed and, in some cases, revised the goals and developed objectives and strategy charts, which include deadlines.

Strategic Planning Research

Feedback about Carmel Catholic and ideas for its future were received from 1,785 individuals through surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews. Respondents included Carmel’s Corporate Board, Board of Directors, faculty, administrative staff, alumni, parents of current students, parents of prospective students, currents students, and feeder parish pastors and principals.  

Strategic Planning Areas

This strategic plan is organized around seven goal areas: (1) Academics; (2) Building and Grounds; (3) Catholic Identity; (4) Culture, Personnel, and Internal Communication; (5) Enrollment Management and External Communications; (6) Governance and Advancement; and (7) Student Life. Click the goal area names below to access more details on the plans for each specific goal area.


Carmel Catholic is a private school surrounded by excellent, nationally recognized public high schools. This plan seeks to expand Carmel Catholic’s academic programs in order to differentiate itself from its peers. It offers new ways to approach learning, explore potential career paths, and build skills needed for life-long success. It calls for an examination of school capacity and student diversity, including possible expansion to include students with learning challenges who are not college bound and a program for international students. The plan also calls for an examination of the school’s current class schedule to accommodate new academic offerings.

Academic Goals

  1. Develop and begin implementation of a plan to Academically Differentiate Carmel Catholic from public high schools.
  2. Develop and maintain a professional development program for faculty and administrative staff.
  3. Strengthen academic support programs.
  4. Implement growth initiatives as outlined in the advanced accreditation reports.
Buildings and Grounds

Providing a modern physical space that supports the school’s learning goals and visually connects the school to its Catholic values was identified as being very important. Many of the proposed programmatic initiatives included in the strategic plan incorporate suggestions for buildings and grounds, including upgrading of classroom furniture and equipment and creative use of open spaces. The goals and objectives in this area focus on creating an ongoing coordinated system for building and grounds renovation and maintenance through a master plan.

Buildings and Grounds Goals

  1. Develop a new campus master plan. 
  2. Determine project for the next major capital campaign.
  3. Develop a routine maintenance plan and present plan to buildings and grounds committee.
Catholic Identity

Research results identified a strong sense of community credited in part to the school’s Catholic identity. Students and parents identified Kairos, Christian service, and retreats as the top three programs that allow for spiritual partnership with Carmel Catholic students and families.  However, some respondents felt that the school’s Catholic identity is not ingrained throughout the school, visually or in the classroom. This plan calls for the development of a comprehensive formation program, emphasizing Christian Service and retreats as part of this program.   It seeks to strengthen the school's Catholic identity with spiritual and liturgical programming such as an an increased frequency of all school Masses.

Catholic Identity Goals

  1. Create a comprehensive formation program for faculty and staff.
  2. Create a comprehensive formation program for students.
  3. Develop a plan to enhance the school's Catholic identity.
Culture, Personnel, and Internal Communications

This section of the strategic plan addresses two areas of culture and communications: (1) between faculty and staff, and (2) between parents/students and the school.  This plan calls for an annual review of the student handbook, rules, policies, and enforcement procedures as well as annual training for faculty and staff. An internal communication plan to be developed will create consistent and predictable ways in which important information is conveyed to parents and students.

Culture, Personnel, and Internal Communications Goals

  1. Create and implement a comprehensive internal communications plan.
  2. Create a committee to identify and institute a review process for faculty, staff, administration, and part-time staff that is consistent with best practices, our mission, and the needs of the student population.
  3. Annually review school policies and procedures for faculty/staff and students to ensure relevance, clarity, and consistent enforcement.
  4. Develop a comprehensive program to strengthen the faculty/staff community.
  5. Develop a plan to increase diversity among faculty/staff and ensure commitment to mission in new hires.
  6. Develop a comprehensive program to educate students and faculty/staff about mental wellness.
Enrollment Management and External Communications

This strategic plan incorporates goals that respond to feedback encouraging Carmel to continue to develop programs and marketing materials that differentiate Carmel from other local area high schools. In addition, it encourages the expansion of volunteer opportunities for students, parents and alumni, calls for the development of adult enrichment programs, and provides for building stronger partnerships with feeder schools.

Enrollment Management and External Communications Goals

  1. Increase volunteerism at Carmel and create a plan for measuring growth annually
  2. Develop an optimal enrollment plan with targets for recruitment by diversity, scholarship, need, international students, and local geography.
  3. Create and implement a student retention plan.
  4. Develop a community outreach and engagement plan.
  5. Develop and begin implementation of a plan to increase relationships and connections with feeder schools, both parochial and public, and parish partners.
Governance and Advancement

This goal area consists of three sections: governance, mission, and advancement. The strategic plan calls for a review on various policies within these areas as well as assessments on current and future staffing of key positions within the organization.  Another focus of this plan to is to build upon current advancement efforts to engage even more donors and netting more donation dollars for the organization.

Governance and Advancement Goals

  1. Foster a pervasive culture of philanthropy by increasing the number of donors and dollars raided by 5% each year.
  2. Begin plans for a capital campaign based on the campus master plan.
  3. Review affordability of a Carmel Catholic education for all families and present a report to the Board of Directors.
  4. Review the staffing structure of the Advancement Department and report to the President.
  5. Review Current deportation investment policies and possibly revise to ensure that we can continue to fund campus needs.
  6. Revise Carmel Catholic's bylaws within one year of ad hoc committee and subject to cooperate board approval.
  7. Develop succession plans for Board of Directors and key school administrative staff to be considered by the Board.
Student Life

This section of the strategic plan includes athletics, fine arts, and student activities. Student athletics and activities have long been a part of Carmel and have steadily grown over the years. The Fine Arts Department expanded significantly with the building a fine arts wing in 2013 and the intentional expansion of student opportunities in the areas of drama, music, ceramics, painting and other artistic endeavors. This plan encourages the school to continue to be responsive to students’ interests in these areas and to stay competitive with its public school peers in terms of its student offerings.

Student Life Goals

  1. Create consistent systems across student activities, athletics, and fine arts for staff and volunteer guidelines, hiring practices and evaluation procedures.
  2. Develop and begin implementation of a plan to respond to interest in student offerings at Carmel Catholic and to highlight and share our strength in "community" and better articulate/differentiate us from public high schools, ensuring students' best interests are equally served and at the heart of all planning efforts.
  3. Convene a fine arts task force and develop a plan to expand fine arts opportunities for all students and present to the administration and review annually.
  4. Create an advisory house system.