Tuition and Financial Aid

The Carmel Catholic High School Board of Directors has set the 2024-25 tuition rate at $16,050 per student. Most additional fees are included in the set tuition, including the course fees for Physical Education, Engineering, Science, English, Math, Social Studies, Foreign Language, retreat fees, graduation, and technology fees. Registration, AP/Dual Credit, and extra-curricular fees for participation in the arts and athletics are billed separately.
Carmel Catholic offers flexible payment plan options, and funds will be withdrawn from a credit or bank account.
Payment Plan Options
  • Annual Plan: One installment, paid by July 1st*
  • Semi-Annual Plan: Two installments, paid by July 1st and December 1st
  • 12-Month Plan: Twelve installments, billed from June through May**
  • 10-Month Plan: Ten installments, billed from July through April**
*Annual plans receive a $100 yearly discount
**Monthly plans are subject to an $85 service fee
For questions about tuition and payment plans, please contact the Business Office at [email protected].
Financial Aid and Scholarships
Carmel Catholic High School promotes diversity in its student body, which consists of young men and women from a variety of educational, geographic, racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. As a Catholic institution, we are committed to making our college preparatory education available to all families who wish to share in our mission, and we welcome your review of our financial aid, grant and scholarship offerings.
Carmel Catholic High School is proud to provide families with $2.7 million in financial aid and scholarships annually.
Through the generosity of the Corsair community, one in four Carmel Catholic students receives financial aid, with the average award being $5,959.
Below represents the number of Carmel students currently receiving financial aid, as characterized by household income. Please note: household income is only one of several factors used to determine the amount of financial aid a student may qualify to receive.
  • $0 - $49,999 | 104 students
  • $50,000 - $79,999 | 69 students
  • $80,000 - $119,999 | 67 students
  • Greater than $120,000 | 55 students
Freshman Families
Families of students entering Carmel Catholic as freshmen are encouraged to complete a financial aid application on or after October 1 of their student's 8th-grade year. Applications received by December 31 will be prioritized, and families will receive a formal decision before enrolling their student at Carmel Catholic High School.
Current & Transfer Families
Families of current Carmel Catholic High School students, along with those of registered transfer students, are encouraged to complete a financial aid application by April 1. Financial applications received by this date will be prioritized, and families should expect notification of a formal decision in early June.
Financial Aid Counseling
No matter your prospective student's age or grade level, our team of professionals is available to assist families in navigating the financial aid process and preparing for a future at Carmel Catholic. Opportunities for in-person counseling sessions and virtual meetings are available on most weekdays during business hours.
Apply for Financial Aid
Carmel Catholic High School requires families to apply using the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment tool. Please note that FACTS requires the submission of a $30 fee to process your application and requires applicants to upload documents including:
  • Most recent federal wage and tax statement (ex: IRS Form W-2)
  • Most recent federal tax return (ex: IRS Form 1040)
Please note: families must re-apply for financial aid each year of attendance.
Before applying for financial aid, families must complete an inquiry form using the link below. In addition to allowing our team to share information about upcoming events and life as a Corsair, completing an inquiry form will grant prospective families access to the Admissions Portal, where they will be able to complete the FACTS Grant & Aid application for financial aid. If you have previously inquired, use this link to access the Admissions Portal.
In recognition of our shared ministry with other Catholic high schools, Carmel Catholic High School does not promise, predict, or otherwise allude to specific dollar amounts regarding tuition assistance or financial aid before a student takes the entrance examination. Carmel Catholic High School promotes the best attributes of our own school while promoting the legacy and traditions of other Catholic high schools.
Questions? Please contact [email protected].
Carmel Catholic High School offers a range of grant and scholarship opportunities designed to reward student achievement, expand community outreach, and honor parish affiliations. Information regarding these programs can be found below.
Merit-Based Scholarships
Carmel Catholic High School offers four-year, renewable merit-based scholarships that recognize students who earn a composite score within the top-10th percentile on the High School Placement Test (HSPT). These awards are subject to availability of funds, and eligibility requires adherence to all Carmel Catholic testing and application deadlines.
  • 97-99th percentile | $2,500 per year
  • 94-96th percentile | $1,500 per year
  • 90-93rd percentile | $1,000 per year
Merit-based scholarship renewals require that Carmel Catholic High School students maintain a minimum 3.5 grade point average, as well as hold good standing within the CCHS Christian Service Program. Renewals are subject to fund availability.
Stella Maris Grants
The Stella Maris program provides assistance to Carmel Catholic families in the form of financial grants that are funded by members of the Corsairs community. Stella Maris grants may be combined with other forms of financial assistance and are distributed to qualifying students and families that adhere to registration and enrollment deadlines.
Parish Partner Scholarships
Carmel Catholic High School partners with local Catholic parishes to offer incoming freshmen partial scholarship awards. The eligibility requirements and application process for each scholarship are unique and subject to individual parish guidelines. For additional information regarding each award, please contact our parish partners.
  • St. Joseph Parish Scholarship: Awarded annually to one SJCS graduate of each gender, this scholarship is funded by St. Joseph Catholic School in Libertyville.
  • Gorman Sullivan, O Carm. Memorial Scholarship: Awarded annually to one St. Mary of Vernon member, this scholarship is funded by the parish's Men's Club.
Carmel Catholic High School abides by all applicable policies of the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Illinois High School Association (IHSA). In doing so, Carmel Catholic High School does not promise to offer athletic scholarships of any kind. Violations of IHSA policies may result in loss of athletic eligibility for the student, coach, and/or school.

Student fundraising helps provide funds to meet the school’s needs that tuition does not fully cover. There is a $1,200 gap between tuition received by the school and the school's actual cost to educate each student. To help offset the annual difference, students are required to participate in two fundraising activities during each school year.

Required Annual Fundraising Events:
  • Street Scenes Ad Drive – $200 minimum per student
  • Carmel Catholic Walkathon – $75 minimum per student
These fundraising events benefit the entire Carmel Catholic High School student body and, as a result, all Carmel Catholic students are required to contribute to their success each year. Students who do not meet their fundraising quotas for each event will have the remaining balance billed to their student account following each activity. 
For questions about financial aid and scholarships, please contact Debbie Eppel, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Consultant, at [email protected] or 847-388-3418.