Athletic Hall of Fame

The Carmel Catholic High School Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1990, and serves to recognize those individuals whose time at Carmel was highlighted by extraordinary success as an interscholastic student-athlete, or as a supporter of the Corsairs and the greater mission of the Carmel Catholic Athletic Department.
Candidates for the Athletic Hall of Fame must be nominated as a member of one of the following umbrella categories, with qualification criteria for each described below.
  • Athlete
  • Coach
  • Partner
Above all else, a qualified nominee for the Carmel Catholic Athletic Hall of Fame must have demonstrated, and should continue to demonstrate, an established commitment to upholding the mission and values of the school community, both while representing the Corsairs, and in the period of time following their tenure in the athletic department.
Athlete Criteria
To be considered for induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame as a student-athlete, a candidate must have graduated from Carmel Catholic High School and must be a minimum of 10 years removed from commencement. For example, a graduate of the Class of 2015 will be eligible for enshrinement in the Hall of Fame Class of 2025.
A qualified student-athlete must have demonstrated exemplary athletic ability and achievement during their time as at Carmel Catholic High School. In addition, a student-athlete's placement in the Athletic Hall of Fame may reflect a record of distinguished athletic accomplishment at the post-secondary and/or professional levels of sport.
Coach Criteria
To be considered for induction into the Carmel Catholic High School Athletic Hall of Fame as a coach, a candidate must have demonstrated extraordinary success while serving as a leader of an individual or team sport during their time as a Corsair. Consideration will be given to qualified Head and Assistant coaches who are nominated for enshrinement.
There is no minimum tenure or period of departure required of coaching candidates. However, to be qualified for selection to the Athletic Hall of Fame, an individual may not be an active coach at Carmel Catholic. In addition, professional accomplishments achieved at other institutions or levels of sport will be granted only limited consideration.
Partner Criteria
To be considered for induction into the Carmel Catholic High School Athletic Hall of Fame as an athletic Partner, a candidate must have demonstrated a remarkable and long-lasting contribution to the success of the Corsairs Athletic Department through their work as a staff member, volunteer, benefactor, or other established position of support.
There is no minimum tenure or period of departure required of athletic partners, and a prospective candidate may be active in their support for the Carmel Catholic athletic community. Nominees must be recognized throughout the Carmel community for their exceptionalism in professional conduct, leadership, loyalty, enthusiasm, or philanthropy.

Hall of Fame Directory

Inductee Class Association(s)
Sarah Cohen-Smith '13 2023 Gymnastics
Jasmine Minor '11 2023 Tennis
Michael Morrissey '06 2023 Baseball, Football
David Venegoni '08 2023 Football, Baseball, Basketball
Andrew Bitto '81 2022 Football, Baseball
Sean McGrath '06 2022 Football, Basketball
Ryan Williams '08 2022 Football, Wrestling
Mary Beth Berg '11 2021 Track & Field
Matthew Diedrich '06 2021 Baseball
Shannon Howell '10 2021 Track & Field, Golf
Kirsten McWilliams '84 2021 Basketball
Michael Morici '04 2021 Volleyball
Sean Murnane '06 2021 Football, Basketball
Taylor Pippen '12 2021 Volleyball
Christopher Salvi '08 2021 Football
Shane Siefert '10 2021 Wrestling
Jeffrey Smith '83 2021 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Lauren Feely '13 2019 Gymnastics
Hilary Halford '10 2019 Cross Country, Track & Field
Megan Paul '12 2019 Track & Field
Jake Cochrane '13 2018 Wrestling
Kristin Mirski '12 2018 Gymnastics
Maddie Ogrinc '09 2018 Soccer
John Zeffery '08 2018 Baseball, Soccer
Colleen Donovan '06 2017 Cross Country, Track & Field
Michael Fitzgibbons '11 2017 Football, Basketball, Volleyball
Jim Hanna '98 2017 Football
Kelly Schoen '09 2017 Soccer
James Looby '04 2016 Football, Track & Field
Christine Martinson '02 2016 Basketball, Cross Country, Track & Field
Amber Mirski '10 2016 Gymnastics
Dan Clinton '07 2015 Football, Wrestling
Pat Kimener '04 2015 Football, Track & Field
Nikole Viltz '07 2015 Gymnastics
Nikki Boland '08 2014 Soccer
Edwin Lagunas '08 2014 Soccer
Eddie Adamski '05 2013 Football, Track & Field
Sara Petermann '08 2013 Soccer
Derrick Noble '93 2012 Wrestling
Jaran Rutledge '04 2012 Football, Track & Field, Wrestling
Kate White '06 2012 Golf
Kendall Brown '05 2011 Basketball, Soccer
Keli Coleman '05 2011 Baseball, Track & Field
Eric Luna '01 2011 Football
Jenny Eckhart '05 2010 Basketball
Mark Venegoni '04 2010 Basketball, Football
Brandon Ziemann '04 2010 Baseball, Football
Chris Miller '04 2009 Basketball, Football
Curt Salata '93 2009 Baseball, Basketball, Golf
Jack Simmons '04 2009 Basketball, Football
Kenye Pendleton '94 2008 Football, Track & Field
Matt Roe '02 2008 Football
Sean Walker '03 2008 Baseball, Football
Pat McMahon '01 2007 Baseball, Basketball, Football
Christopher Mikrut '89 2007 Basketball, Soccer
David Worklan '71 2007 Basketball
Matt Ehrhardt '94 2006 Football, Track & Field
Jonathan Mikrut '01 2006 Baseball, Football, Soccer
Jermaine Williams '93 2006 Baseball, Football
Charles Burgoon '94 2005 Football, Track & Field
Ruben Rivera '96 2005 Basketball, Football
Josh Ward '97 2005 Baseball, Golf
Dan Gramm '91 2004 Baseball, Basketball, Football
Sarah Smith '91 2004 Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball
Todd Staehle '91 2004 Baseball, Football
Randy Bierman '89 2003 Basketball, Football
Chris Mohr '92 2003 Basketball, Football, Soccer
Matt Simmons '90 2003 Baseball, Football
Carolyn Curley '91 2002 Basketball, Gymnastics, Soccer, Volleyball
Tracie Godwin '88 2002 Basketball, Softball, Volleyball
Jim Maciag '91 2002 Football, Track & Field
Robert Boreham '81 2001 Baseball, Basketball, Football
Shawn Chambers '89 2001 Baseball
Susan Wings 2001 Softball, Volleyball
Tony Bitto '69 2000 Football, Track & Field, Wrestling
Christian Iantoni '88 2000 Soccer
Jamil Swift '93 2000 Football, Wrestling
Sarah Kranz '87 1999 Basketball, Softball, Volleyball
Jennifer Logue '94 1999 Gymnastics, Softball, Volleyball
Bea Selz '93 1999 Gymnastics
Kevin Kristan '79 1998 Baseball, Basketball, Golf
Eric Maloney '90 1998 Baseball, Basketball
Sarah Mikrut '93 1998 Gymnastics
Todd Baczek '90 1997 Football, Track & Field, Wrestling
Rob Graham '87 1997 Basketball, Football, Track & Field
Jeff Zgonina '88 1997 Basketball, Football, Track & Field
Michele Muellner '90 1996 Basketball, Softball, Volleyball
Stephanie Seier '90 1996 Basketball, Softball, Volleyball
Scott Stahoviak '88 1996 Baseball, Basketball
Bryan Muellner '85 1995 Baseball, Soccer
Tom Ragen '79 1995 Baseball, Wrestling
Rudy Magna '67 1994 Football, Track & Field, Wrestling
Joe May '78 1994 Baseball, Football
Rod Whittier '86 1994 Basketball, Football
Michelle Bruns '88 1993 Basketball, Track & Field, Volleyball
Art Bustamante '87 1993 Football, Soccer
Joe Pudlo '79 1993 Football
Ken Autry '68 1992 Basketball, Football, Track & Field
Jim Torres '71 1992 Football, Wrestling
Joe Tyler '66 1992 Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track & Field
Patrick McKillen '74 1991 Wrestling
Amy Stanczak '85 1991 Tennis, Volleyball
Frank Belmont '71 1990 Basketball
Michael Gavigan '67 1990 Baseball, Basketball, Football
Bob Svete '74 1990 Basketball
Mike Wagner '67 1990 Baseball, Football
Inductee Class Association(s)
Mike Fitzgibbons 2023 Football, Track, Wrestling
John Halloran 2023 Soccer
Andrew Bitto '81 2022 Football
James Nolan 2022 Boys Golf, Hockey
Josephine Gerardi 2014 Girls Volleyball, Girls Track & Field
Joseph Scordino 2013 Wrestling
Christopher Mikrut '89 2007 Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer
David Worklan '71 2007 Boys Basketball
Tom Ragen '79 1995 Boys Soccer
Joe Pudlo '79 1993 Baseball
Frank Belmont '71 1990 Boys Baseball, Boys Basketball
Angelo Daberio 1990 Baseball, Football
Inductee Class Association(s)
Andrew Bitto '81 2022 Athletic Director
Larry Boller '68 2022 Athletic Trainer
Karen LaManna 1995 Women's Athletic Director
Frank Belmont '71 1990 Athletic Director
Angelo Daberio 1990 Athletic Director
Rev. David Murphy O. Carm. 1990 Principal

Hall of Fame Nomination

Nominations for enshrinement into the Carmel Catholic High School Athletic Hall of Fame must be submitted using the electronic form below. Candidates must meet all stated criteria to be eligible for selection, and nomination forms must be submitted prior to July 1 of each calendar year to receive consideration for the associated Hall of Fame class.
Please note that it is incumbent upon the nominator to make an affirmative case for the Hall of Fame candidate and that Carmel Catholic High School retains the sole right of selection. Nominations received after the July 1st deadline may be withheld until the subsequent review period, and unselected candidates remain eligible in perpetuity.