Discover Carmel

What does it mean to be a Corsair? 

Being a Corsair means being part of a true community of respect and support, handed to us through the legacy of our founders. We are a private college preparatory school committed to providing a quality Catholic education to young men and women in grades 9 through 12. Carmel Catholic students come from four surrounding counties, more than 10 countries, and over 100 schools creating a diverse and inclusive community.


At Carmel Catholic, we Belong

We are known, valued, and supported. 

We have the opportunity to participate, contribute, and connect through a myriad of academic, athletic, artistic, and spiritual pursuits. 

We are a safe, close-knit community comprised of 1,100 students, 150 dedicated faculty and staff members, and over 16,000 alumni. 

Corsairs share a strong tradition of achievement and a rich history of more than 60 years of service and citizenship in Lake County. 


At Carmel Catholic, we Believe.

We believe all students are beloved children of God.

Each student’s unique potential to achieve and contribute can be realized through our exceptional academic and extracurricular programs. We back our belief with opportunities and resources to excel.

Our Catholic roots enrich our inclusive community, welcoming all to experience the values that inspire our students to cultivate kindness, honor one another, and live with purpose.


At Carmel Catholic, we Become.

Encouraging inquiry and discovery, Carmel Catholic provides the academic rigor, artistic exploration, and spiritual enrichment to prepare students for college and beyond. Our innovative programming guides and supports individual pursuits, challenging students to embrace all they can become. 

Carmel Catholic expands student perspectives, academically and globally. Through extracurricular activities, arts and athletic programs, our students have the opportunity to develop their gifts and talents. Through our core Catholic educational experience, they explore the impact sharing their gifts can have on the world.

Value of a Catholic Education

Few things in life are more important than a quality education, and we know that families have a choice when it comes to the schooling of their children. We celebrate your interest in providing your child with a gift that will last a lifetime: a Catholic education.
The importance of a Catholic education...
  • Forms the human person; mind, body, and soul
  • Teaches us how to live now, so to live with God for eternity
Academic formation of the mind...
  • Emphasis on the harmony of faith and reason
  • Four years of theological studies
Physical formation of the body...
  • Ethical health and wellness coursework
  • Cultivate virtue through athletic competition
Spiritual formation of the soul...
  • Daily prayer, regular worship, and annual retreat experiences
  • Christian service hour requirement
Community formation of character...
  • School environment fosters respect and responsibility
  • Clubs and activities forge a culture of encounter
The universality of the Church...
  • Student relationships span geographical and cultural divides
  • Network branches bear fruit long after graduation