Goal Area 3: Student Life

Goal 1: Grow programs and support systems to serve a diverse and inclusive student body (Advisory System).

  • To promote student leadership and encourage peer mentoring.
  • Align with Academics, Brand and Enrollment, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Objectives
    • Create frameworks to diversify curricula addressing socio-emotional needs.
    • Develop a socio-emotional curriculum for all students promoting health, wellness, and balance to foster healthy habits and choices.
    • Offer structured outlets for students to discuss issues of diversity and inclusion.
    • Increase awareness of and education about responsible social media use.


Goal 2: Implement a career exploration and college preparation experience that develops and grows over the course of the student experience (Seminar Model).

  • To provide students with a four-year path to prepare for postsecondary pursuits.
  • Align with Advancement and Academics
  • Objectives
    • Clearly communicate curriculum and opportunities for students.
    • Develop relationships with local business and alumni for career exploration presentations for students.
    • Increase college support throughout the search and application process, including a focus on scholarship identification and opportunities.
    • Create an internship program for seniors, engaging partnerships with local business and alumni.


Goal 3: Review the daily schedule to ensure that it allows for adequate student choice

and personalization.

  • To support students’ full engagement in academic and co-curricular endeavors.
  • Align with Academics
  • Objectives
    • Seek opportunities for more time and accessibility for students to pursue extracurricular and elective course offerings.
    • Increase participation in Fine Arts and other elective areas.


Goal 4: Review student outlets and out-of-class programming.

  • To ensure adequate opportunities to grow and develop the myriad talents of a diverse student body.
  • Align with Academics and Catholic Identity
  • Objectives
    • Increase athletic opportunities.
    • Grow the availability of student-led clubs.
    • Recruit students for leadership opportunities.
    • Increase opportunities for social outlets.
    • Clearly communicate all student opportunities and outlets.