Clubs and Activities


Carmel Catholic High School offers more than just academics. Students have an opportunity to express themselves and excel in ministry, athletics, the arts and more. By participating in extracurricular activities, students develop skills such as leadership, working with others, responsibility and self-discipline. The school strongly encourages all students to become involved in at least one extra-curricular activity and in fact, most students participate in several.

Service-Oriented Clubs

Ambassadors Club
Ambassadors assist the Admissions Department in representing Carmel Catholic in recruitment and marketing events such as the 8th Grade Sports Night and Pizza Party, Open House, 8th Grade Dance, and grade school visits.  Members are selected seniors, juniors, and sophomores.  An Ambassador has strong school spirit, is prepared to speak in front of student and parent groups, demonstrates excellent leadership skills, and is committed to the community that Carmel Catholic serves.
Moderator: Mr. Stith

Broadcast Club
The Broadcast Club is open to all students. Students will learn the wide variety of skills needed to run a broadcast such as equipment set-up, diction for announcing, and time management.  The club operates over the entire academic year and covers a wide range of student activities. To access videos created by the Broadcast Club, click here.
Moderator: Mr. Franklin

Environmental Club
The Environmental Club is committed to studying, preserving and improving the current condition of our environmental and natural resources. It promotes responsible behaviors and sustainability at Carmel by promoting environmental awareness and the recycling of reusable materials such as batteries, textiles, plastic, glass, and aluminum.
Moderators: Ms.Huntemann and Mrs. Titterton

Right to Life Club
The Right to Life Club seeks to deepen and support a vision of life rooted in the sanctity and dignity of the human from womb to tomb. It fosters initiatives that seek the creation and development of "cultures of life." 
Moderator: Mr. Mixa

Social Justice Club
Students gather to educate themselves and the Carmel community on social justice issues, to pray for these issues, and to participate in actions that bring about justice in the local, national and world community.
Moderator: Mr. Fitzgibbons

Academic Clubs

Art Club
The Art Club provides students with an opportunity to draw, paint and craft in an informal setting. Art Club meets weekly throughout the school year. Students may work with various media such as pencil, colored pencil, ink, watercolor, ceramics, and much more.
Moderator: Mrs. Jaimes

Business Club
The Business Club provides students with opportunities to listen to and interact with business professionals. This club invites speakers with a background in business who provide knowledge and advice about how to be successful in the business world. Students have the opportunity to attend a visit to a corporation during the school year. All students are welcome.
Moderator: Mrs. Hartnett

French Club

The French Club is an academic club, thus an extension of the French classroom.  Special events such as guest speakers, Mardi Gras celebration, and the St. Nicholas Day celebration are also scheduled.  Students visit a local French restaurant to enjoy French cuisine.
Moderator:  Ms. Kurek

Harbinger Club
The Harbinger, published each May, is Carmel Catholic’s nationally recognized literary magazine. It is designed to give recognition to talented writers and to provide an opportunity for students to act as the editors and business staff of a literary magazine.
Moderators: Mrs. Meyer and Ms. Murczek

Latin Club
The Latin Club is an academic club that provides students an opportunity to learn more about Latin outside of their regular studies. 
Moderators:  Mrs. Bertaud and Mrs. Major

Model United Nations at Carmel (MUNC)
Moderator:  Mr. Waddle

OUCH Club (Healthcare Careers)
OUCH provides opportunities for students to interact with and learn from medical professionals, see presentations on medical procedures and new discoveries in a variety of medical fields, and participate in a forum with those considering a medical career.  The club is open to all students.
Moderator: Mrs. Hunter

Advocate Condell Medical Center provides an early opportunity for high school junior and senior students to learn first-hand about health careers through the educational program, Penwasciz. Pronounced “Pen-Wah-Zee,” the name combines the name of three things a health professional always carries: a pen, a watch an scissors. Applications occur in the spring for the following school year.
Moderator: Mrs. Brennan

Robotics Teams
Learn more about NYAN Robotics at
NYAN/External Moderators: Mr. Donahoe and Mrs. Donahoe
In-House/N3 Moderator: Mrs. Major

Spanish Club
This club provides students with the opportunity to learn more about a world language and its native culture by celebrating holidays in the Mexican tradition, including typical foods and activities.  All students are welcome, whether or not they are enrolled in Spanish.
Moderators: Ms. Thrush

Community Clubs

Bicycle Club
The Bicycle Club is open to all students. Students will go on bike rides on the trails of Lake County throughout the fall and spring. The group rides at a casual pace and riders of all skill levels are welcome. The club will watch videos, learn how to fix basic bike-related issues, and go to spin classes during the winter. To view some of the activities the club has done, please visit the club's Twitter page by clicking here.
Moderator: Mr. Schultz

Boosters II
Membership in Boosters II is open to all students. Boosters II promotes the active participation of students in athletics and social activities. The primary events Boosters II sponsors are pep rallies and spirit week activities.
Moderators: Ms. Kurek and Ms. Gille

Bowling Club
The Bowling Club is open to all students. Teams or individuals may sign up beginning in mid-October. The club meets weekly at Fairhaven Lanes in Mundelein from November through February. Students pay a fee for games and trophies.
Moderator:  Mrs. Solarz

DECAL (Deaf Culture and Language) Club
Moderators: Ms. Hunter and Mrs. Kalscheur

Diversity Club
Diversity Club promotes respect for the uniqueness and culture of each person as well as promoting global awareness. Members of the club engage in a variety of activities throughout the year which includes charity work, collaborating with other clubs, learning about worldwide cultures, hearing from guest speakers, and celebrating diversity.
Moderators: Mrs. Samson and Mr. Emerson

Film Club
Film Club is open to all students and meets at least once a month to view, discuss and enjoy the art of film.
Moderator: Mr. Franklin

This program provides students with enjoyable opportunities to utilize their learned skills in actual competitive situations. There are places for all students, regardless of the degree of skill development, age, or field of specialization. There is a $1 entry fee for each student per sport. The seasons and their sports are September-October – Ultimate Frisbee; November – Dodgeball; January-March – Basketball.
Moderators: Mr. Pazely and Mr. Solarz

Orchesis is a Greek word meaning “to dance.”  The Orchesis Club provides opportunities for students to choreograph, rehearse, and perform dances of many styles and genres.  The club meets from late February until mid-May and is open to all students.
Moderator: Ms. Valentine

PAWed (People for Animal Welfare and Education)
PAWed is open to all students who love animals and desire to better the lives of animals. Students who are interested in veterinary medicine may be particularly drawn to this club as well as anyone who wants to work or volunteer in the field of animal welfare.
Moderator: Dr. Halloran

Photography Club
Photography enthusiasts to serious photographers, all students are welcome to practice their camerawork with fun, themed submissions, on-campus photoshoots, and off-campus field trips. Students share discussions on trends in social media and photography. Students exhibit their photographs around campus as traditional prints or experiment with crafts. Professional equipment NOT required to participate - bring your smartphones or your point-and-shoots, film or digital.
Moderator: Ms. Murczek

Academic and Interscholastic Teams

Chess Team
The Chess Team provides an opportunity for students interested in competitive, interscholastic IHSA chess. Team membership and placement are determined by a series of preseason tryouts. Size is limited to eight active members and a limited number of alternates. Practice is vigorous, mentally stimulating, and may involve suggested readings. No prior competitive experience necessary.
Moderator: TBD

Math Team
The Math Team is for students who enjoy exploring and having fun with mathematics. Members enjoy competing against other students from other schools. Math Team practices include solving and discussing math problems to prepare for competitions throughout the school year. Our mission is to provide an enriched mathematical experience beyond the classroom while fostering teamwork and enhancing problem-solving skills.
Coaches: Mrs. MajorMrs. FalkstromMrs. Solarz and Mrs. Norton

Mock Trial
The Mock Trial Team promotes effective communication skills by having students participate in the Illinois state high school mock trial competition sponsored by the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA). Tryouts for the team occur during the fall semester. Students are expected to attend evening practice sessions. In the spring semester, the team will compete in regional mock trial competitions. The team finishes its season with the ISBA High School Mock Trial Competition at the University of Illinois/Springfield held annually in March.
Moderators: Mr. Nutschnig and Mr. Waddle

Scholastic Bowl
Scholastic Bowl is a competitive team activity that sets many of our best students against other high schools in a game of knowledge and academic skills. Questions used in Scholastic Bowl come from all high school courses, as well as in the fields of sports and trivia. Tryouts are held at the beginning of the school year. Scholastic Bowl competes at the JV (freshman/sophomore) and Varsity (junior/senior) levels.
Varsity and JV Moderators: Mr. Rafferty

WYSE Academic Team
The Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) Academic Team participates in a series of competitive exams covering various topics ranging from biology to English. Competition occurs in three stages: Regional, Sectional, and State. Advancement is dependent both on team and individual superior level of academic excellence in their respective subjects.
Moderators:  Ms. Huntemann and Mr. Zell

Youth & Government Club
Youth & Government is open to all students interested in participating in a mock legislative process. The club is assigned a topic for research and has as its project the formulation of a piece of legislation. Club members compete in a mock legislative session at the state capital in Springfield, IL.
Moderator:  Mr. Ptacek and Mr. Covek

Student Council & Honor Societies

Student Council

This organization promotes leadership skills and builds open communication between the administration, the faculty, and the student body. The Student Council also fosters school spirit by sponsoring dances, socials, and charitable events such as food drives and blood drives, and contributes to other charitable causes. Membership in the Student Council is open to all students who meet the established criteria set forth in the Student Council Constitution and the following: a candidate should be a character role model for the student body (discerned from school disciplinary records and teacher’s recommendations) and have at least a 78 average in each subject (verified by the registrar).
Moderator: Mr. Donner

French National Honor Society
Membership in the French National Honor Society is offered to students who meet the criteria established for the FNHS by the American Association of Teachers of French. Students are eligible for consideration after completing three semesters of French at the Honors level, or five at the Standard or mixed Honors/Standard level. Membership is based on semester grades in French. For additional information, please see your French teacher.
Moderator: Ms. Kurek

Latin National Honor Society 
Membership in the Latin National Honor Society is offered to students who meet the criteria established for the LNHS by the National Junior Classical League. For information on requirements for membership, please see your Latin teacher.
Moderators: Mrs. Bertaud and Mrs. Major

Mu Alpha Theta
Membership in Mu Alpha Theta is for juniors and seniors enrolled in most honors or AP level mathematics courses. Members are invited to join based on achieving a pre-established grade average in their freshman and sophomore honors math course. Members must continue to achieve a pre-established grade average dependent on the course in which they are enrolled. Contact Mr. Rank for further details on grade requirements.

Members of this organization provide leadership and service to Carmel Catholic High School and its feeder schools in the field of mathematics. Members participate in local, regional, and national math competitions as well as offer tutoring programs for students at Carmel Catholic and its feeder schools. As an honors society, we are dedicated to inspiring a keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school.

Moderator: Mr. Rank

National Business Honor Society
The National Business Honor Society at Carmel Catholic High School recognizes outstanding students in the business education program.  It is a duly chartered and affiliated chapter of the national organization. There are four criteria for eligibility.  These are seniority (only juniors or seniors may apply), an overall GPA of 3.0 or above, a GPA of 3.5 or above in business education classes, and completion of at least three business classes (or may be in enrolled in the third business education class).  Member students attend monthly meetings and participate in business competitions and service-based projects. 
Moderator: Mrs. Lindgren

National Honor Society
The National Honor Society Chapter of Carmel Catholic High School is a duly chartered and affiliated chapter of this prestigious national organization. Membership in National Honor Society is offered to juniors and seniors who meet the criteria established for the NHS by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. These are scholarship (cumulative GPA of 3.75 or above), leadership (evidence presented by potential members in their application for admission), service (verified by evidence of participation in school and community service), and character (discerned from school disciplinary records and from past and present teachers).
Moderators: Ms. Daluga and Ms. Hannan. Contact:
National Chinese Honor Society
The National Chinese Honor Society recognizes student high scholastic achievement.  Members exemplify standards in good character, leadership, and service. The society's goal is to promote enthusiasm for Chinese Language learning and culture, commitment to advanced study and greater cross-cultural understanding.
Moderator: Mr. Cannuli

Spanish National Honor Society
Membership in the Spanish National Honor Society is offered to students who meet the criteria for the SNHS by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Students are eligible for consideration after completing three semesters of Spanish at the Honors level, or five at the Standard or mixed Honors/Standard level. For additional information, see your Spanish teacher.
Moderator:Mrs. Calby

Thespian Honor Society
Students that are chosen for membership in the Thespian Honor Society must qualify based on a point scale established by the International Thespian Society. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible for membership.
Moderator: Mrs. Sebastiano

Tri-M Music Honor Society
Students chosen for membership must meet the following requirements: have been or are currently enrolled in a music ensemble and/or class for at least one semester; be of excellent character; Exhibit a good attitude toward teachers and fellow students; be cooperative and helpful in their classes; maintain for the previous semester an 88% in music; maintain for the previous semester an 88% average in other academic subjects.
Moderator: Mr. Barclay