Goal Area 5: Advancement

Goal 1: Increase advancement revenue and donor engagement.

  • To invite donor participation and cultivate new donors to expand advancement funding.
  • Objectives
    • Increase Scholarship & Annual Fund Cultivation and Contributions
    • Increase Major Gifts ($10k) Contributions, Planned Giving, and Donor Participation.
    • Increase Alumni Cultivation & Giving.
    • Launch Capital Improvement Campaigns as identified.
    • Increase Corporate/Community revenue
    • Develop an overall fundraising strategy for all events.

Goal 2: Strengthen engagement and community outreach.

  • To improve the “community feel” and connectivity of the CCHS community.
  • Align with Brand and Enrollment and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Objectives
    • Improve the "Community Feel" at CCHS with an inclusion and diversity focus.
    • Increase networking opportunities.
    • Increase community impact and visibility.

Goal 3: Create a cultivation strategy for giving.

  • To create a sense of belonging and member value with a clear path for giving progression.
  • Objectives
    • Develop and promote the membership benefits at each giving level of the Carmel Society
    • Ignite new donor participation.
    • Promote alumni connections to Carmel and philanthropy.

Goal 4: Increase volunteerism for alumni and parents.

  • To create a volunteer-friendly experience for all community members strengthening relationships.
  • Align with Academics, Student Life, Brand and Enrollment
  • Objectives
    • Optimize volunteer processes, tracking mechanisms & recognition.
    • Cultivate alumni volunteer opportunities.
    • Promote awareness and participation opportunities for current parents.