Goal Area 4: Culture, Personnel, and Internal Communications

Goal 1. Create and implement a comprehensive internal communications plan and evaluate annually.

  • Objective 1.1. Implement an ongoing feedback mechanism between faculty and administration and evaluate annually.
  • Objective 1.2. Increase faculty/staff awareness of events, policies, and noteworthy accomplishments by the Carmel Catholic community.
  • Objective 1.3. Create an internal communications path that goes through the marketing department.
  • Objective 1.4. Identify systematic vehicles of communication in order to provide the Carmel Catholic community with reliable sources of communication containing information on events, news, and other developments on an ongoing basis.

Goal 2. Create a committee to identify and institute an annual review process for faculty, staff, administration, and part-time staff that is consistent with best practices, our mission, and the needs of the student population.

  • Objective 2.1. Develop a formalized evaluation process.
  • Objective 2.2. Establish guidelines/template for consistent hiring practices across all three areas of student life.
  • Objective 2.3. Create staff and volunteer evaluation procedures that are applied for student activities, athletics, and fine arts.
  • Objective 2.4. Annually review personnel needs for student activities, athletics, and fine arts to respond to program growth.

Goal 3. Annually review school policies and procedures for faculty/staff and students to ensure relevance, clarity and consistent enforcement.

  • Objective 3.1. Annually update and review the faculty and staff handbook. 
  • Objective 3.2. Annually update and review the student handbook, rules, policies, and enforcement procedures.
  • Objective 3.3. Annually review and train faculty and staff on their role in the consistent enforcement of the school’s discipline policy.

Goal 4. Develop a comprehensive program to strengthen the faculty/staff community and review annually.

  • Objective 4.1. Develop a plan by summer to provide opportunities for teacher/staff mentoring beyond the first year of employment.  
  • Objective 4.2. Create annual informal and formal social programs for faculty, staff, and their families to get together.

Goal 5. Develop a plan to increase diversity among faculty/staff and ensure commitment to mission in new hires.

  • Objective 5.1. Develop relationships with organizations which assist in development of diversity on an ongoing basis.

Goal 6. Develop a comprehensive program to educate students and faculty/staff about mental wellness and review annually.

  • Objective 6.1. Create a drugs and alcohol education program and review its effectiveness annually.