A College-Preparatory Curriculum Tailored for Every Student

Encouraging inquiry and discovery, Carmel Catholic provides the academic rigor, artistic exploration and spiritual enrichment to prepare students for college and beyond. Our innovative programming guides and supports individual pursuits, challenging students to embrace all they can become.

Course Levels

We offer courses in five levels to meet the learning needs of our students.

Dual Credit: Learn once, earn twice

Dual Credit (DC) courses are for the highest achieving students based on standardized tests and coursework; these are actual college courses for which the student earns both Carmel and college credit. Extra fees may be required by the partnering institution; these are separate from CCHS tuition and fees.

The goal of these courses is to provide rigor that will prepare students for the college experience. Dual Credit courses are taught by qualified Carmel instructors who employ approved curricula from our partner colleges and universities. Courses are generally offered to juniors and seniors who meet GPA and other readiness indicators required by the college.

Dual Credit courses are weighted on a 5.0 scale, the same as AP courses. 

Some Dual Credit courses require an additional expense beyond Carmel tuition. For example, courses through Loyola University incur a cost of $65 per credit hour. Dual Credit courses through the College of Lake County are free. Credit hour costs are assessed directly by the partnering institution, not by CCHS. 

Carmel offers these Dual Credit courses for the 2021-22 school year:

College of Lake County

English Composition 
Computer Science**
Criminal Justice
Criminal Law**
Environmental Biology
Spanish: Latin American History & Culture**
Spanish Film & Language

Loyola University

Chinese 1
Human Ecological Footprint**

Milwaukee School of Engineering

Introduction to Engineering
Principles of Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Civil Engineering and Architecture
Engineering Design and Development

Rotating courses, available 22-23:

Digital Electronics
Chinese 2
European History

**New courses for 21-22

For additional information about Carmel’s Dual Credit courses, please consult the 2021-22 Course Guide, speak with a current Dual Credit teacher, or talk to a counselor.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are for the highest achieving students based upon standardized tests and coursework; these courses are college level. See course descriptions for possible test requirements and fees.
Honors College Preparatory (H) courses are for students showing a higher level of achievement through both standardized tests and coursework.
Upper College Preparatory (UCP) courses are for students whose standardized tests/coursework indicates a standard level of achievement.
College Preparatory (CP) courses are for students needing to progress at a foundational level or whose achievement on standardized tests/coursework indicates a need for additional support.
Course Guide
Courses listed in the Course Guide are initial offerings for 2022-2023. Classes that actually run during the 2022-2023 school year are determined by a variety of factors, including enrollment, state and college requirements, curriculum revisions, and staffing. Every effort will be made to schedule students into their requested courses. Carmel reserves the right to make changes in curriculum and scheduling. If a scheduling conflict occurs, upon notification and advisement by school personnel, the student may be required to select an alternative course. Counselors are available for course selection questions. Students and parents must be aware of prerequisites, fees, and expectations associated with each course. Fees are subject to change and should be carefully considered.
Course Placement
Placement of students into the appropriate level is critical to supporting their progress, learning, and success. Our level placement process aims to help students progress, learn and succeed. Students typically move up to higher course levels throughout their four years of study.
Freshman levels are determined by student achievement on the High School Placement Test. Incoming freshmen can take additional proficiency assessments in English, mathematics or world languages to provide more specific evidence for placement.
Placement for sophomore, junior, and senior courses is determined by course prerequisites; these benchmarks are indicative of the foundational content and skills needed for success.
Students aspiring to move into higher levels in the future should work toward meeting the prerequisites for upperclassman courses. Upon acquisition of foundational knowledge and skills, upward level mobility is possible in most departments. Students, parents, teachers, and department chairs review levels and prerequisite foundations in the fall and winter. Initial placement for the following year is based upon these student performance reviews.
Carmel Catholic is fully accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education, the National Catholic Education Association, and Cognia.