Visual Arts

Visual art classes are offered for all grade levels. Options include art appreciation, composition, portraiture, graphic design and sculpture to name just a few. Studio Art may be taken for Advanced Placement with the opportunity to earn college credit during senior year.

  • Contributes to the total development of the student by helping them discover their creative potential.
  • Helps students grow in visual awareness and in sensitive responses to that which is seen, thought and felt.
  • Develops a sense of design and order.
  • Learn the necessary skills to make a visual reality.
  • Fosters an awareness of aesthetic and spiritual values, an understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of art past and present.
3 Stars Design Co.
The Carmel Catholic graphic design program has launched 3 Stars Design Co., a student-run design collaborative. Please visit the students' website to view their semester portfolios and learn more about the company.