Academic Dance Program

Carmel Catholic’s academic dance program has been directed by Ms. Kacey Valentine since its birth in 2013. For a one-semester fine arts credit, Carmel’s dance program offers the following courses:

  • Beginning Dance
  • Intermediate Dance I and II Honors
  • Advanced Dance Honors
  • Dance Leadership Honors

New Courses offered in the 2019-2020 school year:

  • Men's Dance
  • Tap Dance
  • Orchesis Dance Company Honors

All students are encouraged to register for Beginning Dance or Men's Dance as they are very fun, well-paced classes that focus on learning rhythmic fundamentals through the basics of dance terminology, flexibility and fitness, and a variety of dance style experiences. Students who engage in dance outside of school are encouraged to attend the Honors Level Placement Auditions offered each spring for the upcoming school year.

Intermediate Dance I and II Honors are building blocks off of Beginning and Men's Dance with a directional focus toward increasing confidence through dance performance opportunities while gaining experience in learning ballet, hip-hop, jazz, lyrical, and modern dance technique. Lastly, any student interested in taking Advanced Dance must attend a Level Placement Audition as the course will entail higher-level technical training in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, modern, contemporary, lyrical, and modern dance while focusing on body awareness through anatomical perspectives.

Academic Dance Performance Opportunities

Advanced Dance (offered only in spring) will perform in the Stations of the Cross and in the annual Orchesis Dance Concert weekend in May. All Intermediate and Advanced Dance classes will perform student-choreographed works at their Academic Dance Showcase held at the end of each semester. Tap Classes will also be featured as guest performers in the Honors Dance Showcase. Additionally, all academic dance students will receive the opportunity to perform in a hip-hop production number in front of the entire Carmel Catholic community at one pep rally per semester.


The Orchesis Dance Company is a non-competitive organization under the direction of Carmel Dance Teacher, Ms. Kacey Valentine. Orchesis is open for freshmen–seniors to audition.  Auditioning all four years of high school is highly encouraged. Orchesis auditions are in August each school year and members commit to being a member of this after-school Honors course for the entire school year. The only limitations Orchesis members have in terms of involvement at Carmel is that they cannot participate in a Spring Sport or be cast in the Spring Musical. Otherwise, Carmel Orchesis Dance Company members can participate in any fall and/or winter sport, as well as any other extra-curricular club/activity that Carmel has to offer.

Orchesis hosts an annual Dance Concert weekend every May. The concerts present a variety of student-choreographed works in addition to professional, guest choreography and a few works choreographed by Ms. Valentine. Tickets are $5 at the door and all proceeds go to the Orchesis Dance Company and the Fine Arts Department for the upcoming school year. orchesis

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