Class of 1974 Celebrates 50th Reunion

Thank you to the Reunion Committee for doing such a fantastic job including:

Candice (Foxx) Lovett

Patricia (Bockwinkel) Happ

Marcie (Molidor) Wilhelmi

David Biondi

Tom Coates

Pete Gardner

This reunion was more than just a party; it was a testament to the lasting bonds and lifelong friendships that began here fifty years ago. We are immensely grateful to our alumni who traveled near and far to join us in this celebration. Your presence made this event incredibly special. It was a joy to witness the heartfelt embraces, the shared stories, and the rekindling of connections.
The weekend was filled with many memorable moments. The campus tours brought back a flood of memories of all the time spent in our familiar halls. (All while maneuvering around the hallway construction to upgrade our ceilings and floors). The reunion Mass was celebrated in the St. Titus Brandsma chapel honoring the class of 1974. Following the mass, classmates were able to remember the classmates we've lost over the years and listened to the "Hallelujah Chorus" recorded by the class 50 years ago. The reunion dinner was a highlight, where laughter and storytelling took center stage, creating an atmosphere of joy and togetherness, and recalling favorite memories of both the Carmel High School for Boys and the Carmel High School for Girls. Everyone enjoyed music and dancing to end the memorable night.
As we celebrated the past, we were also reminded of the bright future ahead. The Class of 1974 has set an exemplary standard for future generations by reaching the goal of raising over $6,000 for their Class Gift! We are committed to carrying forward their legacy, ensuring that the values and spirit they embody continue to thrive on campus. The 1974 Class Gift supports the Carmel Catholic fund, and is a perfect way to celebrate 50 years and pay it forward for the future students of our school.

Thank you for sharing your memories and your stories! We encourage all our alumni to stay connected whether through alumni events, social media, or personal visits, your ongoing engagement enriches the Carmel Catholic community. Your experiences, wisdom, and support are invaluable as we strive to provide current and future students with the same transformative education that you experienced 50 years ago.

To each member of the Class of 1974, thank you for making the 50th reunion an unforgettable occasion. Your loyalty, spirit, and contributions are deeply appreciated. Remember that you will always have a home here, and we look forward to welcoming you back in the years to come.