NYAN Robotics Shines at State, Heads Toward Worlds

On a bright and promising weekend, March 1-2, Carmel Catholic’s NYAN Robotics team embarked on an incredible journey alongside 44 talented teams at the prestigious Illinois FIRST FTC State Tournament. With unwavering determination, they glided through an array of qualifying matches, emerging undefeated.

Through their exceptional performance, NYAN Robotics found themselves ranked second in the semi-finals, thanks to their unwavering devotion to teamwork and excellence. They stepped forward as an alliance captain, and in an inspiring display of unity, the first-place team chose NYAN Robotics to join their alliance.

The alliance’s synchronized movements and professionalism captivated spectators with each match. They conquered the semi-finals with a sweep. Their victory was measured by their outstanding performance and the Carmel Catholic values that shone brightly through their actions. 

NYAN Robotics advanced triumphantly to the division finals. The state scoring records tumbled one after another, each broken by the alliance’s perseverance. In the event finals, the alliance shattered the scoring record one final time and emerged victorious in a best-of-three series.

With this triumph, NYAN Robotics secured its rightful place at the World competition in Houston, TX, in late April.

NYAN Robotics, true to their embodiment of Carmel Catholic values, captured the hearts of both judges and peers. Honored with the 3rd place accolade in the Control Award, their exemplary code demonstrated the passion and dedication instilled within them.

As the NYAN Robotics team looks toward Worlds, they remain deeply rooted in their faith, knowledge, and character. On behalf of the Carmel Catholic community, we congratulate NYAN Robotics on their extraordinary journey. Best of luck at Worlds!

Check out the video below for a recap of the team's performance at the State competition.