Technology Student Internship (TSI) Students Complete Dell Tech Certification

This year Carmel Catholic partnered with Dell for the school's latest batch of Chromebooks. This program allows our TSI students to get parts for Dell products, while avoiding having to fill out a form, pack up a Chromebook and send it to a dispatch center for repair, allowing us to return a repaired Chromebooks to students much faster than we have in the past.

In order for Carmel to enroll in this program, TSI students had to complete an online certification course relating to computer hardware, software, and some Dell-specific products, very similar to a CompTIA A+ Certification. Three students completed the course this semester and allowed us access to this service. The students are Stephan Kruglov '23, Philip Kruglov '25, and Luka Weideman '25.

TSI students perform tech support duties for the school during the time that they are in class. Students who take TSI also receive a Business and Technology class credit.