New Art Installations in Crossroads Symbolic of Founding Orders

Carmelite sculptures in the north crossroads:
  • The "glass and water" sculpture contains the charisms of the Carmelite order
  • The "stone" sculpture contains the date of the founding of the Most Pure Heart of Mary Province (the province that The Carmelites are a part of)
  • The "fire" sculpture is a symbol of Elijah and contains the symbol of the Carmelite Order

BVM sculptures in the south crossroads:
  • The “stone” sculpture contains the founding date of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • The “wood” sculpture is an image of Foundress Mary Frances Clarke that expresses her wisdom and strength. It also includes a symbol of the Mississippi River where the BVM motherhouse has been located for over a century
  • The "sand" sculpture contains the four core values of the BVM sisters

Our school community is grateful to the Fox Family and Bish Creative for their generous donation and support of our mission. A blessing and dedication are being planned for later this year.