Advantage: Carmel

Last school year the Carmel Catholic Board of Directors approved a plan that will provide an education “never before seen.” Expansion and refinement of several academic programs, design and implementation of a modern classroom aesthetic, and completion of key projects already in the works, characterize the initiative which is slated to be in place by Fall 2021.

Advantage: Carmel Initiatives

  • Debut of international student program
  • Integration of ACT prep into the curriculum
  • More robust dual credit program
  • Conversion of classrooms to student-centered, technology-driven learning spaces
  • Mission-based makeover of hallways, common spaces and meeting areas
  • Remodeling of the Engineering Center
  • Increased capacity in the College and Career Counseling Center
  • A college-style academic support center
  • Upgrades in transportation to and from Carmel for families, including a carpool mobile app
  • Increase in financial assistance
  • Additional course offerings for junior high students
  • Remodeling of the auditorium
  • Athletic program upgrades
  • New Kathy A. Nemmers Welcome Center
  • Further investment in faculty development

Ultimately, the multi-faceted Advantage: Carmel initiative improves upon academic excellence and establishes a mindset of continuous movement and growth for the community.