New International Student Program to be Launched for 2019-20 School Year

The program will be implemented for the 2019-20 school year.

Under the supervision of experienced campus teams, students in the Amerigo program benefit from a residential and social atmosphere designed to maximize their development. Students reside in state-of-the-art facilities with professional dorm parents on-site and enjoy a wide array of weekend activities, including sports and recreational activities, off-site excursions and immersion trips, community service, and various American cultural celebrations.

“As our school community becomes more globally-minded, it is vital that students are able to collaborate effectively with others, regardless of country or culture,” stated Carmel Catholic Principal Mr. Jason Huther. “Our partnership with Amerigo will encourage such collaboration, bringing together students from many countries and uniting them in our mission to form thoughtful leaders of faith.” 

Amerigo Education partners with elite American high schools to support their international students and prepare them for acceptance into selective U.S. universities. Amerigo uses an approach centered on excellent academic outcomes to ensure international students thrive both in and out of the American classroom.

“The more our student body becomes multi-national, the more we live out our mission of inclusivity. There is much to learn from partnering with students from other countries; however, we believe the primary lesson is simple but profound. Although there appears to be many outward and visible differences between students from other parts of the world, our list of commonalities is much longer. We can all unite around this truth,” said Mr. Huther. 

“Carmel Catholic aspires to be at the forefront of global education, and we will enthusiastically welcome international students to our community,” said Carmel Catholic President Dr. Bradley Bonham. "As always, our faculty, staff and administrators are dedicated to preparing our students to understand and contribute to our rapidly advancing society.”

In the upcoming school years, Carmel Catholic hopes to institute exchange programs to give students and faculty members international exposure with Carmelite high schools around the world.

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