Spanish National Honor Society Visits Elementary Schools for Story Time Sessions

Carmel Catholic High School has once again partnered with St. Joseph Catholic School in Libertyville and School of St. Mary in Lake Forest to foster collaboration and nurture young minds. For the second year in a row, the Spanish National Honor Society (SHH) at Carmel Catholic has organized story time sessions with pre-kindergarten to third grade students, creating a fun space for learning, language exploration, and joyful connection.

Led by SHH moderator and Spanish Teacher Mrs. Lori Young, the SHH is committed to spreading the love of literature, language, and culture among the youngest members of our community. This heartwarming initiative has been instrumental in bridging the gap between different educational institutions, bringing together the vibrant and diverse Carmel Catholic community.

During these story time sessions, the SHH members captivate the young audience with their storytelling skills, immersing them in the Spanish language. This collaboration between Carmel Catholic, St. Joseph Catholic School, and School of St. Mary not only enriches the education of all the students involved, but also strengthens the bonds of our Catholic community.

According to Mrs. Young, this is just the beginning and Carmel Catholic eagerly anticipates expanding its story time sessions to even more schools in the future.