Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

Valedictorian : Isabella Marie Pagano
Salutatorian:  Jennifer Marie Bukowski

Senior/Graduation Speaker: Mr. Phil Donner, Faculty, Theology Department, Senior Class Moderator

National Merit Scholars: Victoria Rose Nagode and Isabella Marie Pagano

National Merit Finalist: Joseph James Burke

National Merit Semifinalist: Wrigley C. Kordt

National Merit Commended Students: Lauren Elizabeth Jenkins, Dominick Francis Magnone, Samuel Connor Rouleau

Illinois State Scholars (72 students):
Joseph James Burke
Lauren Elizabeth Jenkins
Dominick Francis Magnone
Samuel Connor Rouleau
Lee Attar
Alexandra D. Augusto
Emma Rose Baynes
Chloe Mae Belanski
Jeremy Michael Bobber
Nina Angeline Borkowski
Jonathan P. Buckley
Ryan Francis Buckley
Jennifer Marie Bukowski
Joseph James Burke
Eleanor Maria Cappelle
Faith R. Chapman
George Dimitri Couvall
Allyson Crow
Thomas M. Diesen
Mia Luz Figueroa
Theresa Carolyn Galuska
Melissa Grace George
Marie Michele Giambrone
Nolan Edwin Graham
Ava Grace Grasso
Cole Emmett Harrison
Matthew William Herron
Ryan Joseph Hogan
Brianna Mae Huner
Katie Olivia Ingram
Madeline Elizabeth Ives
Lauren Elizabeth Jenkins
Wrigley C. Kordt
Colleen Ann Connolly Kowalski
Drew Steven Langer
McKenna Larsen
John Neumann Levering
Dominick Francis Magnone
Connor Thomas Manning
Erik Michael Miller
James Franklin Molnar
Alexandra Toledo Monroe
Umar Mukhetdinov
Alyssa Marie Mullally
Julia Murray
Anna Maria Nagode
Victoria Rose Nagode
Luke Nalewajk
Christian Julian Hilary Antoine Noble
Grace Catherine O'Malley
Isabella Marie Pagano
Alexander William Pelfresne
Madeline Mary Pfister
Spiros Alexander Pissios
Mary Geraldine Powers
Kyle James Pulido
Erin Madison Pye
Nathan James Rastovac
Lukas Konrad Reissenweber
Emma Marie Roberts
Regina Patricia Robles
Samuel Connor Rouleau
Colleen Molly Ryan
Maya Francesca Sarkis
Kyle V. Snyder
Ella Spera
Robert Matthew Szamocki
Nathan William Terselic
Leah D. Ulbrich
Michael Anthony Villanueva
Nathan R. Winandy
Sarah Anne Wiseman
Sabrina M Yousif
Lucy M. Zhou
Luke Jeffrey Zimmer
Madeline Joyce Zitella 
Principal's reflections on the Class of 2022:  
"This year's graduating class really only had one 'normal' year of their high school career. Their freshman year looked like a typical year. Their sophomore year was disrupted by the initial covid shutdown. Their junior year was still quite limited, although much of it was in-person. And even this year was still not quite back to normal, with masks in use for the first semester and some caution guiding activities. Aside from that one freshman year, their whole high school experience was disrupted. As a result, the graduating class of 2022 is one of the most resilient I have seen. They are able to overcome, to seize hope, and to work together. My hope for this graduating class is that their character, shaped by the turmoil of the past few years, will carry them forward with strength and an extra appreciation for unity. Knowing how they carried each other through this, and seeing the societal division, they learned important lessons about handling strife through unity." - Jason Huther, Principal