Business Sponsorships

video scoreboardCampus and Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Receive maximum exposure to an audience who are the decision makers for purchasing your products and services at area businesses.


Carmel Catholic High School is introducing a comprehensive sponsorship program to allow your company to reach an elite buying constituency in the Lake County area. You now have the opportunity to target your message to audiences that will maximize your marketing budget and fit your marketing goals. Have the flexibility to choose sponsorship options in multiple campus and event areas where you can target your message to suit each event.

Your Sponsorship Supports Our Students

Your sponsorship supports an education curriculum that stands for academic excellence, leadership and values-based Catholic learning for Lake County area students.


Proceeds from our sponsorships support Carmel Catholic in several areas:


Annual Operations

Tuition does not cover the entire cost of annually operating Carmel Catholic. There is an approximate $1,150 tuition gap between the operating cost and the cost per student. Carmel strives to help families at all levels of economic income attend our school. Students encounter and create unique bonds with students and families from all Northeastern Illinois areas, enabling students to have exposure to many different families. You help us retain high-quality faculty and maintain technology and facilities that give students lifelong skills to succeed in college and later in life.


Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance enables area students to participate in the life-changing holistic academic program that Carmel Catholic has offered over the past 58 years. While Carmel Catholic has one of the lowest Catholic high school tuitions in the Chicagoland area, tuition still burdens some families. Tuition assistance is available to all Carmel families with limited income or families who have lost a parent through death. In this academic year alone, Carmel Catholic has distributed more than $2 million in financial aid to families, and the need continues.


Facilities Improvement and Development

Carmel is continuously improving its facilities to meet our faculty and students’ needs. An excellent education

is not an accident. The facilities are under constant improvement and development to keep Carmel competitive with surrounding public high schools.

To learn how your business can make an impact, contact Mike Looby, Major Gifts Officer, [email protected].