Corsairs for Corsairs Fund

Let’s Come Together as Corsairs for Corsairs


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The Corsairs for Corsairs Fund, established in 2020 as our direct response to the pandemic-related economic downturn, has provided scholarship funding to new and current families as part of our mission to make a Carmel education accessible to all students.

Thanks to the generosity of many, the Corsairs for Corsairs Fund has helped so many families, including frontline workers, single-parents, those who have been furloughed and unemployed, and many others who have found hope, and a home, here at Carmel.

While we could not be more appreciative for the financial contributions that have helped so many families, we know that many other deserving students—some with the desire to begin their Carmel journey, and others seeking to continue—will require support in the months ahead.

For this reason, we have decided to extend the Corsairs for Corsairs Fund beyond the current pandemic window. We pledge that every dollar raised will continue to aid a family needing immediate financial assistance to make a Carmel education a reality for their child. No effort is more pressing than working to ensure the financial security of our families that are struggling to make ends meet. Let's come together as Corsairs for Corsairs.

The CARES Act raises the charitable deduction limit from 60 percent to 100 percent of adjusted gross income for itemizers, and non-itemizers can now deduct up to $300 in charitable giving. C-Corporations can also deduct 25 percent of their taxable income, rather than 10 percent.