Tennis Court Renovation Project

courtCarmel Catholic High School's tennis courts require a $1 million renovation to improve the safety and functionality of the courts for student-athletes.

Among our many high school experiences, we often remember participating in our favorite sport. We encountered the emotions of challenges, successes, failures, team bonding, developing personal discipline, and learning how to win and lose. These experiences help make us who we are and shape our lives.

The same continues to happen with Carmel Catholic's current student-athletes. Just as in academics, Carmel Catholic seeks to provide its students with the best facilities for students to perform to their full potential. Unfortunately, time and use of these facilities take their toll, and upgrades and reconstruction become necessary so student-athletes can continue to learn and play their sport effectively and, most of all, safely.

Time and weather have worn down the current tennis courts to the degree that patching up the courts is impossible. Players and guest teams play on a surface that inhibits productive playing and the safety of the players. Spider cracks running through the center of the courts are 2" and wider, and past patchwork has come loose and is no longer repairable. 

Beginning May 15, renovation of the tennis courts will begin, consisting of the following:

  • Repositioning and re-grading the current eight-court setup
  • Updating the walkway and spectator viewing area
  • Resurfacing and recoloring the courts
  • Replacing fencing
  • Construction of a new storage facility

Hear from Nate Brill, Athletic Director, on the importance of this renovation project to Carmel Catholic athletics:

With these updates, we are confident that the tennis courts will be a premier athletic facility on our campus for years to come. Help us improve this important facility for our student-athletes by making a gift to help defray the substantial cost of this project.

Every dollar you contribute to the tennis court project frees up these designated funds to be used elsewhere like tuition assistance, programming and other improvements. 

Pledge contributions of $2,500 or more can be made for up to five years.

Recognition Opportunities

The following naming opportunities are available for the Tennis Court Renovation Project. Remember a special tennis enthusiast or group in a lasting and meaningful way by selecting your investment level preference.  

Prominent signage will be displayed honoring your chosen legacy.

court$250,000 Capital Investment  
Join the ranks of our well-known campus names like the Hesse Center, Salvi Arena, Mary Frances Clark Spiritual Center, Baker Stadium, and the Kathy A. Nemmers Welcome Center to name a few. The entire complex consisting of eight courts and a viewing area will be named and referred to as your special designation.

court$50,000 Capital Investment
There will be two sets of 4 court configurations constructed and the area between the two will be the Viewing Gallery with spectator seating and amenities. 

court$25,000 Capital Investment 

Eight courts are being constructed, each available for naming recognition.

seats$7,500 Capital Investment
Bleacher components will be placed throughout the viewing gallery to provide ample seating for spectators and athletes.

All donors at this level or above will have their names etched into an outdoor display board to keep our beneficiaries close at heart. 

All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The project will be branded with our school colors and logos for our Carmel Corsairs. Donors will be prominently displayed. All capital investments can be made in a pledge form if needed.  Please contact Mike Looby for more about naming opportunities, pledges, or donations at 847-388-3454 or [email protected].
Thank you for supporting Carmel Catholic tennis!