March to May Madness

March to May Madness is Back!
A Giving Challenge for Class Bragging Rights
March 15- May 1

This campaign is a bracket competition on the number of unique donors from each class. We're asking alums to rally behind the school's mission of supporting student learning, growth, and development by seeing which class has the most donors in a six-week period. 
As an alum, please recognize the strong foundation in faith and academics that was instilled by your experience here and take a moment to reflect on how important that experience was to your development as a person. Please consider paying forward the sacrifice which benefited you to impact the student experience today and into the future! The challenge for this year is to have the alumni of Carmel Catholic come together through this campaign and collectively support the equivalent of one student's tuition for the 2023-24 school year, which is approximately $15,000.
As in other years, donations of any dollar amount count for your class. Plus...every donor who gives $35 or more to the campaign will receive their choice between a Carmel backpack or towel! The towels were so popular last year we decided to give them as a choice again this year!
All alumni classes from 1966-2022 are encouraged to participate starting March 15, 2023.
  • Only alumni donors giving to the March to May Madness campaign between March 15 and May 1 will be eligible.
  • Each individual alumni donor will be counted only once to help advance their class, regardless of how many times they donate or the amount of donation.
  • Backpacks and towels will be sent out within four weeks of the end of the campaign.
  • For more information, email [email protected] or call 847.388.3390.