Alumni Derby


After much consideration in this time of uncertainty, the Alumni Derby Race continues!

We hope it can provide a distraction, and perhaps a little fun. We appreciate your support of Carmel Catholic now and always.  


Who's going to be first out of the gate?

Which class has the most number of generous donors?


This campaign will be a “Horse Race” on the number of unique donors from each class. Plus, every donor who gives $35 or more to the campaign will receive a special Corsair knit hat. All alumni classes 1966-2019 are encouraged to participate.

  • Only alumni donors giving during the campaign will be eligible.
  • Each unique alumni donor (with a donation of any amount) will be counted as 1 point for their graduating class and will help your class' horse pull ahead toward the finish line!
  • A $35 or more donation will be sent a special Corsair knit hat.*
  • The winning class will get special recognition!
  • Knit hats will be sent within four weeks of the end of the campaign.

Corsair knit hat


* The market value of the hat is $10. For gifts of $35 or more, the tax-deductible amount of your gift is the amount given above $10.

For more information, email or call 847-388-3390