Queen of Hearts Raffle

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Andrea and Robert Hetzel for being our lucky winners of the Queen of Hearts Raffle on January 12! The Queen hid for 24 weeks under card number 50. Andrea and Robert will take home half of the $36,000 jackpot. The remaining half benefits tuition assistance and student programming at Carmel Catholic High School. The couple has played the Queen of Hearts since it began in 2020. They love Carmel Catholic, where their granddaughter Gabi Zunzunegui is a junior. Thank you to all who participated! Stay tuned for more information on the next raffle coming soon.

The Next Raffle Will Begin in August 2023!

How It Works

  • Purchase your weekly raffle tickets (1 ticket for $5) online at carmelhs.org/queenofhearts/. Tickets are good only for the drawing they are purchased for. Continue playing until the Queen is found!
    • Weekly online ticket sales will begin at 9:00 am on the day after the weekly drawing and will close at midnight on the day of the drawing
  • Pick a card number(s) (#1-54) from the board you believe will contain the Queen of Hearts.
    • At the time of purchase, each entrant will select a virtual card number(s) from the remaining unopened virtual card number(s). The purchaser may purchase unlimited raffle tickets under each of the remaining card number(s).

  • Tune in "live" every Thursday at noon on the Carmel Catholic Facebook page to see if you are the winner.
  • If your ticket is selected and the card number on the ticket reveals a joker, you will receive 10% of the pot and the remaining 90% will roll over to next week.
  • If your ticket is selected and the card number on the ticket reveals the Queen of Hearts, you will receive 50% of the pot. The Queen of Hearts ends the raffle.
January 12: Card #50 revealed the Queen of Hearts, Andrea H. wins half of $36,772.50 jackpot
January 5: Card #17, 5 of Hearts, Carol H.
December 15: Card #22, 3 of Hearts, Ann Marie 
December 8: Card #2, 7 of Diamonds, Brenda B.
December 1: Card #19, Queen of Spades, Mary S.
November 17: Card #7, Ace of Spades, Jane P.
November 10: Card #13, 6 of Hearts, Laura O.
November 3: Card #6, 8 of Spades, Sandra P.
October 27: Card #30, 2 of Spades, Michele B.
October 20: Card #27, 6 of Diamonds, Lisa C.
October 13: Card #46, Ace of Diamonds, Melissa M.
October 6: Card #5, King of Spades, Suzanne J.
September 29: Card #3, 10 of Diamonds, Helen G.
September 22: Card #8, 7 of Hearts, Liz H.
September 15: Card #32, 10 of Hearts, Judith B.
September 8: Card #12, 8 of Hearts, Chris F.
September 1: Card #23, 2 of Hearts, Jeff K.
August 25: Card #15, 5 of Clubs, Sue K.
August 18: Card #24, Queen of Diamonds, Jeff K.
August 11: Card #4, 8 of Diamonds, DeAnn M.
August 4: Card #14, 7 of Spades, Michael L.
July 28: Card #48, 2 of Diamonds, Richard C.
July 21: Card #18, Nine of Clubs, Jeff K.
July 14: Card #16, 4 of Hearts, Janet L.
July 7: Card #13, Joker, Karen K. wins $1,387
June 30: Card #18, 2 of Diamonds, J. King
June 23: Card #8, 6 of Clubs, Lamont B.
June 16: Card #7, 3 of Diamonds, Ted B.
June 9: Card #11, 3 of Clubs, J. Gillespie
June 2: Card #32, King of Spades, Barb S.
May 26: Card #23, Queen of Diamonds, Karen L.
May 19: Card #26, 9 of Spades, Cynthia C.
May 12: Card #9, 4 of Hearts, Bob C.
April 21: Card #44, 5 of Diamonds, Jeff K.
April 28: Card #24, 10 of Diamonds, Polly A.
May 5: Card #35, 10 of Hearts, Pam H.
Rules and Regulations

Only individuals 21 years or older at the time of purchase may enter the raffle. This raffle is void where prohibited by law. Purchasers must physically be present in the state of Illinois when the transaction occurs. This game is intended to conform to all City, State and other requirements.

This Could Be You!
Congratulations to Janet L. who received half of the $215,325 jackpot in 2021! The remaining half benefits tuition assistance and student programming at Carmel Catholic High School.
It's Not Too Late to Become a Sponsor
Want to hear your family's name or message announced during the Queen of Hearts live drawing? Are you looking to increase exposure for your business? We are seeking sponsors for the Queen of Hearts board!
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