Nurse/Health Services

Carmel Catholic High School has a full-time nurse on staff to take care of students with medical conditions or who become ill during the school day. Parents with concerns over the health of their student(s) may call the nurse to share information or ask questions.

Students with Medical Needs
Carmel Catholic High School is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its students. Health policies and practices are reviewed regularly and are in accord with the Illinois Department of Health guidelines.

  • Parents are asked to provide updated medical information on the freshman physical form and annually on the Database Verification and Medical Information Sheet. Information should include chronic illness(es), allergies and medications.
  • Parents of students with chronic illnesses will be asked to complete Individualized Health Plans.
  • Student health information: medical conditions, allergies and medications will be shared with teachers and administrative personnel in order to provide a safe environment for all students. This information is provided in a confidential manner to protect the privacy of students.
  • Students requiring surgery, hospitalization or who have a significant illness, injury or concussion must contact the school nurse to plan for the student’s return to school. A doctor’s note regarding absence and physical limitations is required.
  • Following a significant illness or injury, a release to participate in PE and/or sports will be required.
  • Parents may request a meeting with the school nurse to review their child’s medical information and arrange for a teacher meeting, if needed.
  • Teachers receive annual (routine) updates regarding student health, safety and emergency procedures.

Additional information can be found in the Student Handbook.