Christian Service

Carmel Catholic students are required to perform Christian service during their high school years. In doing so, they will make an impact on every level of society, near and far. Members of our founding orders, the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Order of Carmelites, have given centuries of service to those in need through the imitation of Christ and his Blessed Mother, Mary. Our students continue this tradition with acts of service in a wide variety of settings so that the love and compassion of Christ may transform our world today.

Goal of the Christian Service Program

Carmel Catholic High School’s mission statement calls our students to be servant leaders centered in Jesus Christ.  Therefore, the goal of the Chrisitan Service program will be to enable our students to become an incarnation of Christ in the world today - to be Christ’s hands and feet - bringing their individual experiences and God-given gifts to those they serve in order to impact our world for the greater good. The Christian Service program, by creating opportunities where students can encounter and identify with people unlike themselves through service activities and meaningful reflection, will help students “deepen their own religious and moral identity, develop a habit of mind committed to the common good”, and identify with the solidarity of Christ, who was one with others. 

Christian Service Hour Requirement

  • Freshman - 20 hours   
  • Sophomore - 20 hours
  • Junior - 20 hours
  • Senior - 20 hours 


Although a yearly requirement, it is expected that students engage in service each semester - ideally completing 10 hours each semester. TOTAL of 80 hours served and logged in x2VOL over four years.

All Christian Service hours must be completed for non-profit, charitable organizations.  No Carmel service hours for Carmel’s purposes will be accepted as Christian Service (e.g. summer camps, Street Scenes, Open House, etc.)

Students are not allowed to bank service hours.  Students must complete the required number of hours (20 hours) during the course of each academic year.

Christian Service hours must be completed and logged in x2VOL by May 1st for a given academic year and students may begin counting service hours for the next academic year with service done on or after June 1st.

Categories below are a recommended target for each grade level. 

20 hours total

20 hours total

20 hours total

20 hours total

Service to a former grade school/ partner school of Carmel Catholic or parish/religious community. 

Service to a vulnerable, marginalized group (homeless, eldery, disabled, sick, imprisoned etc.) that does not need to be person-to-person.

Service to a vulnerable, marginalized group (homeless, eldery, disabled, sick, imprisoned etc.) that is person-to-person.

Service to any one charitable non-profit organization the student has found in the past three years. Try to serve all 20 hours at one location.

Addition Information

Hour Requirement for Class of 2022:

From June 2021...

  • Seniors with 80+ Christian Service hours completed and logged in x2VOL are DONE with Christian Service
  • Seniors with 61-79 Christian Service hours completed and logged in x2VOL must complete what is needed to get to 80 total hours.
  • Seniors with 0-60 Christian Service hours completed and logged in x2VOL must complete 20 hours.

Ms. Kerger will send an email update to all senior students regarding the status of their Christian Service hours and what their hour requirement is for the 2021-2022 academic year.  If at any point you are unsure of your hour requirement, please contact Ms. Kerger at

Incoming Students:

  • Incoming freshman students can begin working on Christian Service over the summer after their 8th grade graduation.  
  • Incoming transfer students can begin after the last date at their former school.  Students who transfer in at the semester will still be required to complete the full number of service hours. 

x2VOL is the service hour tracking website we use for students to log their service hours. Incoming students will need to log their Chrisitan Service hours manually until they are able to create an x2VOL account.  New student training and initial login to x2VOL will occur in the fall.  Please see the Christian Service hour tracking form below to manually track Christian Service hours.

Tracking Hours (x2VOL)

Students may sign up for service, log hours served, get hours approved and write reflections on their service experience(s) through our online volunteer system, x2VOL (time to volunteer). Please consult this document for what does and does not count as Christian Service.

For questions, please contact Ms. Erin Kerger at or visit the Christian Service Google Site.