IBJI Sports Performance Program

Carmel Catholic High School has partnered with the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute (IBJI) Health Performance Institute to provide world-class training for our student-athletes. 


The IBJI Health Performance Institute tailors its science and evidence programming towards athletes’ needs and goals — focusing on strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.


Sports Performance Training is a product of sports medicine that focuses on improving an athlete’s ability to excel at their respective sport. This form of training targets sport-specific skills as well as explosive movements, reaction time, speed and agility.


As Carmel Catholic's Official Sports Medicine Partner, IBJI provides all Corsair athletics teams with 2-3 certified strength coaches. Coverage hours include: Monday–Friday from 6 am–8 am and 3–7 pm, and Saturday from 8 am–12 pm.


Certified strength coaches provided by IBJI have accredited personal training certifications.

To learn more about IBJI Health Performance Institute, visit their website at hpi-ibji.com, or contact Cory Leman, General Manager, IBJI Health Performance Institute, at hpi@ibji.com.