Graduation Requirements

Twenty-seven units of credit are required as follows:

4 English
3 Mathematics (including Algebra and Geometry)
4 Theology
3 Science (including Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
3 Social Studies (including World History, U.S. History, U.S. Government)
1 Physical Education (including both fall P.E. and spring P.E.)
2 World Languages or Fine Arts (excluding students taking 4 years of Learning Strategies)
0.5 Health
0.5 Fine Arts
0.5 Business
5.5 Electives 
Christian Service and retreat requirements as stated in the handbook.

Christian Service Program

Because Carmel Catholic calls each student to be of service to others, each student must complete twenty hours of Christian service each semester, even if a senior student takes two religion classes in one semester. These service hours are a graduation requirement. Other than incoming freshmen, Carmel students may complete their ministry requirement in the summer prior to the start of the school year.


Scheduling Awareness

Carmel Catholic High School uses the university model rotation schedule which allows 70 minute classes twice every three days. Students must take a total of seven classes during freshman, sophomore and junior year. Seniors are required to take six classes; they have the option of a seventh class or early dismissal.