Value of a Catholic Education

Few things in life are more important than a quality education, and we know that families have a choice when it comes to the schooling of their children. Beyond test scores and college placement rates, however, the value of an education is difficult to measure—and we celebrate your interest in providing your child with a gift that will last a lifetime: a Catholic education.
The importance of a Catholic education...
  • Forms the human person; mind, body, and soul
  • Teaches us how to live now, so to live with God for eternity
Academic formation of the mind...
  • Emphasis on the harmony of faith and reason
  • Four years of theological studies
Physical formation of the body...
  • Ethical health and wellness coursework
  • Cultivate virtue through athletic competition
Spiritual formation of the soul...
  • Daily prayer, regular worship, and annual retreat experiences
  • Christian service hour requirement
Community formation of character...
  • School environment fosters respect and responsibility
  • Clubs and activities forge a culture of encounter
The universality of the Church...
  • Student relationships span geographical and cultural divides
  • Network branches bear fruit long after graduation