Incoming Freshmen

Enrolled Incoming Freshmen

Welcome to Carmel Catholic! Please take note of the links posted below, as much of the information pertains to required items. If dates or procedures need to change based on COVID-19 precautions, updates will be made here.

Health Forms

Uniform Ordering Information

Order from Lands’ End by phone (1-800-469-2222) or the CCHS Land's End Ordering Website. If you need to speak to a Specialty Shopper, call 1-800-200-6212 for help in determining the correct size. Call 1-800-388-3677 if a custom size needs to be ordered. Parents should periodically check the fit and condition of their student(s) uniform, and facilitate replacements as needed. For tall students, please call customer service if an additional fabric panel is needed for skirts. 


These numbers must be used when placing an order:

  • The Carmel Catholic High School Preferred School number is: 9000-7492-3.
  • The logo number for uniform tops is: 0241978K
  • The logo number for skirts is: 0415432K

You can also see Mrs. Pucci in the bookstore to inquire about the selection in the Carmel Catholic Uniform Resale Shop. Please donate your retired uniform items to the Carmel Catholic Bookstore.

Admitted Incoming Freshmen

Class of 2024 Enrollment and Registration Night Materials

The following materials were shared with families at the Freshman Enrollment and Registration Night on January 28, 2020.