Transfer Students

Parents of prospective transfer students who are seeking admission to Carmel Catholic High School should contact the Admissions Office at 847-388-3418, 847-388-3382 (Español) or to request information regarding the transfer process. The parent of the applicant will then be asked to furnish a copy of the student's current high school transcripts to the Director of Admissions for review. Once the transcript has been approved, the student will be activated to the waiting list, and may schedule a Shadow Day visit.

If space is available, admission is granted based on an academic record that reflects enrollment in college preparatory classes and grades of C or above in all of those classes. In addition, good discipline and attendance records are required. Transfer during the senior year is limited to students previously enrolled in a Catholic high school who are moving to the area. Students who withdraw from CCHS are generally not readmitted.

Useful Forms:

Medical Information for Transfer Students

Below is information regarding the health requirements for students in the state of Illinois. As a new student in Illinois, your child may need to obtain a physical and/or eye exam.  Please refer to the directions below to determine if your child has already fulfilled these requirements or needs a new physical or eye exam.

Required for All Students

All students transferring from an out of state school need a physical which has been done within 1 yr of the first day of school. High school physicals obtained from a physician in another state are acceptable as long as they include the required information and immunizations.  The link for this form is at the bottom of this letter.  If your child is an athlete who is planning to participate in school sports, your child will need a new physical each school year.

Required for Students Who Have Never Attended an Illinois School

Eye exams must be performed by a licensed optometrist or medical doctor who performs eye examinations, as specified by the Illinois Department of Public Health.  The appropriate forms need to be completed by the doctor and returned to the school. If your child had an eye exam in another state within the past year, you can send the form to that doctor to be completed and faxed to Carmel Catholic High School at 847-566-8465.  The link for the eye exam form is also below.


Dental exams are recommended for all students entering an Illinois High School.  Again, the link for that form is below.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kathy Hunter, RN at 847-388-3343 or