Social Media

Carmel Catholic High School has established social media sites primarily in order to inform parents, students, faculty/staff and alumni about programs and events (including those sponsored by other organizations), and to share materials to encourage dialogue and the exchange of information and knowledge between site visitors and the school about these programs, events and materials. The schoolā€™s social media sites will be used to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of the school.
  • Provide additional ways of disseminating important information more quickly and efficiently.
  • Direct parents, students, faculty/staff and alumni to other resources where additional information can be found.
  • Notify the general public of school employment opportunities and opportunities with local Carmel-affiliated employers.
  • Engage stakeholders in new ways to encourage two-way communication.


Stay up to date on current happenings at Carmel Catholic High School. The following accounts will provide all-encompassing information about Carmel Catholic.




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