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Carmel Catholic High School is a private college preparatory and secondary school for young men and women in grades 9 through 12. Carmel Catholic provides a quality Catholic education and is committed to meeting the academic, physical, social and spiritual needs of the students it serves. At the core of Carmel Catholic are an abiding commitment to community service and a deep respect for all people.

Carmel Catholic is jointly sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) and the Order of Carmelites (O.Carm.). In 1960, the Archdiocese of Chicago invited these two religious communities to build a co-institutional Catholic high school in Lake County.

For more than 50 years...

Carmel Catholic High School has continued a rich tradition of academic excellence. As a Catholic college preparatory school, we strive to provide every opportunity for our students to succeed, allowing them to become reflective, grateful, and responsible individuals. Our 16,000+ alumni continue to lead lives of faith and service well beyond their high school years.

Four-Time Blue Ribbon School

Carmel Catholic High School is one of two schools in the state and less than 10 schools nationwide to receive the prestigious Blue Ribbon School award by the U.S. Department of Education FOUR times! 

Curriculum Guide

View our 2017-2018 curriculum guide to see what Carmel Catholic High School has to offer!

We Support the Arts

During the summer of 2013, Carmel Catholic completed a new 33,000 square foot Fine and Performing Arts Center. This innovative center features classrooms and practice rooms for instrumental and choral students, a dance studio, a black box theater, visual arts studios, an art gallery, a darkroom, and a Mac computer lab.

Express Yourself

Carmel Catholic’s outstanding Fine and Performing Arts curriculum allows students to gain a broad understanding and appreciation of the arts. There are diverse opportunities to excel in vocal, instrumental, performing, and visual arts.  

Go Corsairs!

More than 85% of Carmel Catholic students participate in interscholastic sports and intramural play. We offer 12 boys' sports and 12 girls' sports. Scholarship offers from some of the nation's finest colleges and universities have been made to our students in nearly every sport.

EFT Sports Performance

Do you want to be a better version of your current self? CCHS has partnered with EFT Sports Performance to offer personalized training opportunities. Click here to learn more.


Beyond the Classroom

Carmel Catholic offers many opportunities to get involved, including service opportunities, clubs, dances, fundraisers, and other social events.

By participating in extracurricular activities, students develop skills such as leadership, working with others, responsibility, and self-discipline. The school strongly encourages all students to become involved in at least one extracurricular activity; most students participate in several. 

Carmel Catholic believes that the spiritual growth students experience through ministry to others will lead to a lifetime commitment to service. All students participate in the school’s Christian Service Program, which requires each student to perform 20 hours of services to the community each semester.

We Are Grateful

Carmel Catholic is most grateful to its many generous donors. Charitable donations may be restricted to a specific area of interest, may be unrestricted or may be planned to accommodate a donor's unique tax situation. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Carmel Catholic's Director of Institutional Advancement is available to discuss these options at any time.


The Carmel Catholic High School community encompasses students, families, alumni, faculty, staff, friends of Carmel, and members of our founding orders. Community is a way of life that calls us to identify, to live, and to grow together as members of Christ’s Body in order to build God’s Kingdom.

BVMs say of community: “BVM Spirituality is marked by its origins as a circle of friends committed to one another and to mission. There is a genuine acceptance of one another and of diversity." Community is also a charism of the Carmelite Order and is woven into the Rule of St. Albert. Carmelites understand community to be a “connection with one is a lived experience, practiced day in and day out.”


Carmel Catholic High School’s academic program fosters each student’s development as a reflective thinker, a person who can look critically at culture and the world and make just decisions rooted in virtue. Each student is nurtured and formed in faith to realize his or her potential, to prepare for success in college and beyond, and above all, to ultimately work toward the good of society.  

This Carmel value is grounded directly in a core value of the BVMs namely, education. Of this core value the BVMs say: “Through education, we recognize our gifts and develop our potential, and draw these out in others. We recognize our interdependence and become whole and integrated.” 


The mission of Carmel Catholic High School challenges us to be grateful stewards of the legacy of our founding orders. This is why service and justice are at the heart of Carmel values. Our call to serve is rooted in the principles of Catholic social teaching, namely the promotion of the dignity of human life and recognition of all people as brothers and sisters in Christ.

This call animates the Carmel Catholic Christian Service Program and enlivens our relationships with others. Both the BVMs and the Carmelites focus on justice and service to others.  According to St. Therese of Lisieux, Carmelite Saint and Doctor of the Church, “Our Lord does not look so much at the greatness of our actions, nor even at their difficulty, but at the love with which we do them.”


The root of this word is entheos, a Greek word that suggests the very spirit of God is within. This unique spirit flows through Carmel Catholic High School and breathes life into our community. Enthusiasm pervades academics, athletics, fine arts, liturgy, prayer, extracurriculars, Christian Service, and all community events. 

Central to Carmelite identity is “zeal for the Lord”; this phrase is inspired by the words of Elijah in the book of Kings “I am filled with a jealous zeal for the Lord.” This same passion inspires our efforts at Carmel Catholic: we are called to think, learn, pray, serve, create, compete, celebrate, and lead with “zeal for the Lord”!


Carmel Catholic High School’s mission calls its members to be responsible leaders. This leadership is meant to radiate from the school environment into our parishes, wider communities, and the world at large.  

Mary Frances Clarke, BVM matriarch, was a leader who “saw her role as one of caring for and serving [others] opposed to having power over them.” We embrace and strive to emulate her model of servant leadership in every aspect of the Carmel community.