Dress Code

All students will wear a uniform dress top, uniform dress pants, dress shoes and socks and the Carmel Catholic name tag. Young women may wear the uniform skirt in place of the uniform pants. Lands’ End Company is the uniform provider for Carmel Catholic students. The uniform top is a solid colored Lands’ End Carmel Catholic logo dress or polo shirt, available in various styles and colors.  Shirts must be worn tucked in and buttoned. A Lands’ End Carmel Catholic logo sweater, fleece, or crew-neck sweatshirt may be worn over the Carmel Catholic logo shirt.  These are also available in various styles and colors. The uniform pants have a Carmel Catholic logo and are available in various styles and colors.  Pants must be worn at the waist and pant length may be no longer than one inch above the floor.  The uniform skirts have a Carmel Catholic logo and are available in two colors, navy or gray. The uniform skirt must be worn at the waist and it may not be rolled at the waist.  The uniform skirt must be 21 inches of length unless written permission is given by the Dean to shorten it a designated number of inches to the student’s knee.  A copy of this permission form is retained in the discipline files in the deans’ office. No belts or other accessories may be worn on the skirt.

Lands’ End Ordering Information for Uniform Pants and Tops (Boys & Girls)

Lands' End Dress Code Guidelines/Ordering Overview

These numbers must be used when placing an order:
The Carmel Catholic High School Preferred School number is: 9000-7492-3.
The logo number for uniform tops is:  0241978K
The logo number for uniform pants and skirts is:  0415432K

Visit the Lands’ End website for uniform information.

A white T-shirt may be worn under the required dress top.  Sweaters may not be worn tied around the waist.  Extremes in appearance, including excessive or garish-looking jewelry, and extreme hairstyles such as mohawk hairstyles, dreadlocks, shaved areas of the head, unnatural hair coloring, and two-tone hair coloring are never allowed.  Tattoos must be covered and piercings other than earrings may not be displayed.  Young men may wear earrings only on casual dress days.  Young men must keep their hair neat and trimmed and no longer than collar length.  Beards and mustaches are not allowed.  Sideburns should be no lower than the bottom of the ear. 

The following listed items are never acceptable: turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks, T-shirts other than the white t-shirt, long sleeve shirts under short sleeve shirts, mini-skirts, over-sized pants, hip-hugger pants, neck or headscarves, thigh-high stockings, fish-net stockings, leg-warmers, leggings, and wallet chains.   Peds are not considered to be socks and are not allowed.  Outdoor apparel, including jackets, coats, vests, hats, neck or head scarves are not to be worn during the school day.

Hats must be removed when the student enters the building.  Shoes must be consistent with the style of the school uniform. Athletic shoes, gym shoes or shoes that look like gym shoes, slippers, hiking or work shoes, boots, shoes with heels over two inches in height, or sandals may not be worn.   Torn clothes, pants with torn or ragged hems or split seams at the hem, pants or skirts that are not hemmed, or clothing that has been written upon may not be worn.

As a student grows or if the uniform items wear out, uniform clothing items must be replaced so that the uniform fits appropriately and looks professional.  This may require a purchase of new uniform items.

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