Entrance Exam

Incoming freshmen are required to take the Carmel Catholic High School Entrance Exam in order to be considered for admission to Carmel Catholic High School.  For the January 10, 2015 test date Carmel Catholic will administer the Carmel Catholic High School Entrance Exam. This exam is only for 8th grade students and is the first step in applying to Carmel Catholic High School.

In addition to the Entrance Exam, Mark Ostap (Principal) and Brian Stith (Director of Admissions) invite all parents to attend an information meeting that will take place in the CCHS Auditorium (Entrance G) beginning at 8:30am on January 10, 2015.  This meeting will include a presentation on Carmel Catholic and the admissions process as well as thoughtful reflections from two current seniors.  Coffee and a light breakfast will be available after the presentation.   There is no pre-registration for this meeting. 


January 10, 2015
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon


$25 Testing Fee (cash or check payable to Carmel Catholic High School)

Extended Time Accommodation

If your student is entitled to extended time through the formal documentation of an active 504 Plan, ISP or an ICEP, please contact Mr. Stith by no later than Friday, December 19, 2014.  Full documentation of the 504 Plan, ISP, or ICEP must be received in the Carmel Catholic Admissions Office by no later than January 5, 2015.  You can contact Mr. Stith by phone (847) 388-3320 or by email at bstith@carmelhs.org


Arrive by Car

Students who will be dropped off and picked by their parents/guardians should use Entrance G (The Auditorium). Once you arrive at the main entrance to Carmel off of Route 176, signs will direct you to Entrance G.

Arrive by Bus

Students who plan to ride the bus to and from the Entrance Exam should click here for the bus schedule. Students who ride the bus will be dropped off and picked up from Entrance H.

Both entrances (G and H) lead into our student lounge where the Director of Admissions will greet eighth grade students. Carmel Catholic students will escort eighth grade students from the lounge to their testing room.

Special Directions

1. It is important that all students are on time; they cannot be admitted to rooms after the test has begun. Students must be in their testing room by no later than 8:15 a.m.

2. If illness or an emergency prevents any student from taking the Entrance Exam, please call 847-388-3320 in order to arrange for a later test date.

3. In case of inclement weather on the day of the test, please call 847-388-3320.

4. Materials Needed: Each student should bring several #2 style pencils to be used in filling out the answer sheets for the exam. Students should also bring a pen in order to fill out additional forms for Carmel Catholic.

Calculators not permitted for this exam.

5. Information Needed: The following information is needed and students should be prepared to supply it:

Suggestion: Prepare an index card for your student to bring with him/her on the test day.

Student Parents
  • Complete mailing address and telephone number
  • Current school name and complete mailing address
  • Religion
  • Name and address of church or parish
  • First, Middle and Last Names
  • Parent(s) mailing address
  • Mother’s maiden name (if CCHS Alum)


After taking the Entrance Exam, 8th Graders and their families need to formally apply to Carmel Catholic. Click here for more information about our application process.

If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Admissions at (847) 388-3320.

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